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I can sense the alpha around the corner!
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Ahhh yes the Rune Stones that you combined in Titan Quest and TQ -IT ...loved it!

But I can see there so much more of them here which is great because the more control you give to us players the better. I hate having static items with very little change can be made to adapt them to your particular character development.

I'm hoping soooooo much that you were thoughtful enough to make a separate tab in the inventory for these components or Runes or what ever you call them. (I'll have to search here to see how the inventory looks so far)
I know they didn't have it in TQ but it was in Torchlight 2 and I liked that idea very much. The Potions and Fish in their own tab, the Spells scrolls in their own and the regular gear in their won tab.

Same goes for quest items they should have their own tab so as not to take up valuable inventory space.
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Tbh, I liked the stash system in PoE. You could create your own labelled tabs to organize your inventory.
What I didn't like was that you had to drag every item to the other tab if you wanted to put it in your stash or sell it instead of simply right clicking it.

Anyways, I'm really eager to get my hands on the alpha of this game. I want to experience the atmosphere of the game so much.
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