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Originally Posted by Norzan View Post
Upheaval finally deals damage to the main target.
That doesn't mean that it's suddenly more useful than feral hunger.

Anyway, the avenger set moved even further away from what I wanted to do with it, shame. Yet another savagery build doesn't interest me anymore.
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Dual Blades: added % Physical Resist bonus, 10% by rank 16, 16% by max ultimate rank
Why in dual blade? There is a passive in Nightblade tree that no one use - Phantasmal armor. Scrap flat armor from it, add %phyz resist and everyone is happy.
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"Summon Blight Fiend: now casts Rotting Fumes faster, increased damage dealt by Virulent Death. Added % Crit damage bonus scaling with rank.

Unstable Anomaly: the Transmuted version of the Blight Fiend now summons nearly instantly, increased Energy Cost Reduction to 60% and Duration to 12s.

Blight Burst: now also deals up to 45% of the pet's attack damage (scaling with rank) in addition to the skill's damage. % Crit damage bonus removed."

I fucking love you Crate.
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Mythical Belgothian's Slicer: added 50 Pierce damage and 60 Reduced Defensive Ability for 5s modifiers for Markovian's Advantage
New item?
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Originally Posted by Chthon View Post

Why was Aegis of Legion renamed?

Sounds suspicious



yep aegis seems to be the keyword these days!
"For Erulan!"
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OMG a kraken

Enviado desde mi Mi A1 mediante Tapatalk
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Not to be rude, but it is a pathetic change to the balance, classes are not balanced at all and you just change a couple stats here and here. it is not enough. Anyway ....
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My friendship with kiting double mirror Crucible builds has ended.

My friendship with in your face melee nightblade builds has begun.
Check out my builds and guides to them (all Crucible Gladiator 150-170 capable) in my profile.
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Changes look good overall, especially CDR related changes

The things I personally don't like-

>Vitality damage to Dreeg's dagger, I mean it's an Acid weapon. Giving it base Acid damage benefits both Vitality and Acid builds. Since Vitality DEE is basically a derivative of the Acid spell.
I was fine when it dealt Chaos damage, didn't bother me too much but now you guys change it and give it Vitality damage.

>DA reduction to Aeon, flat 30 reduction to single source is harsh

>Blazerush, again a wasted potential. The 100% Lightning to Fire could've opened up build diversities. You guys should've made it convert Primal Strike OR Savagery
The weapon is still useless btw.

>Deathguard conversion change, I just take issue with this cause we currently don't have a chestpiece/shoulderpiece with 25-30% Cold to Acid conversion.
While moving conversion on deathguard makes sense but not giving us compensatory conversion feel weird.
If you don't want to overpower DG Hunters then give 25-30% Cold to Acid to Venomtongue Shoulders. You'll see they're useless in their current state, at least this way they'll be more desirable.

>Warpfire nerf, should be 80-100% instead of 50%. The duration nerf was too hard

>Deathmark chestpiece changes, don't like that the skill bonuses got moved.
All my builds can be found on my profile page

Useful mods-
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I don't know why, but on paper, it doesn't look like much changed. :P

Gonna check it tomorrow, or maybe even today and be surprised how much has changed. Also, I hate you for making Loghorrean a Kraken now. Hope you'll make an actual kraken in the next expansion and replace it. If not, I hate you. :P
I don't play Crucible.
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