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I am already updating some of my characters with the 1.1 change.. can't wait till FG comes out.....

It's gonna be a lot of work... but gonna be fun.. 30+ end-game characters
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I'll probably only update my runic bolts tactician, tho I have a lot of things to do with that build. Pretty sure i will go unchanged for the entirety of FG campaign and crucible but I'll be fine tuning it for realms which might take a lot of time. I also already have level 100 soldier, necro and demo so once I'm done with the tactician (and farmed new items so I'm fully decked out from the start) I'll just roll the dice and see which of the three will be my first oathkeeper.

Will probably go back to my other old chars for updating once I get tired (again) of making legit chars and it's GDstash time once again.
Check my profile for some of my builds. Most are crucible viable, but will be adding pure campaign builds as well.
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