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I loved HoMM V. My second fav of the series right after HoMM III.

Hell, I even liked VI to an extent.

But VII though... I like to pretend it doesn't exist.
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I've heard good things about V. I played IV when it came out and thought it was horrendous.
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I liked Heroes IV. Quite a big change, for many people it's either love or hate. It took me some time to adjust, but eventually I adopted it.

The thing I really liked about 4 is that the difficulty really changed between each level. In Heroes 3, there is no AI change between hard and impossible, only resources balance. In H4, the number of monsters adapted from easy to champion, making the campaigns really intensive.

I also liked the fact that you could build and balance heroes (even if ironically I hated it at first). Therefore, I really enjoyed The Gathering Storm campaigns. One funny fact is that when doing one of them on expert, I couldn't defeat the very first castle on the map, the one you are stupposed to start with . Had to walk around the map, stinging the enemy here and there and slowly gain exp until I could finally afford some bigger targets.

One point less for the death faction. Trying to mix inferno and necro was a really bad move from my point of view. But + 2 points just for the sea theme.

For Heroes V, I have a particular point of view : if I consider it as a Heroes game, then I don't really like it, but if I treat it like a normal game, then it's actually quite good (yeah, I know, this is strange).
I don't really like the universe, neither did I like that they stated they would make tabula rasa, but still shamelessly re-use some names and assets (Crag Hack, Sandro, the Ironfist, etc).

Also, the performances were rather bad. I don't know for you guys, but AI took forever to take turns...Even if they had no more castle and one hero left.

Another turn down is the lack of scenarios, and the fact that the editor is horrible. I could use H3's map maker when I was a child. H4's was harder, but as long as you didn't use events, it was just fine (still from a teenager's point of view). When I launched H5 editor back in the day, I just thought "Euh...". If you don't like campaigns, then Heroes V will be a very short experience.

Factions were good on this one, though. Some balance issues in vanilla (going from dungeon to nature in the classic campaigns was a challenge), but the 2 expansions made it much better. Also loved the goofy academy hero, Zehir.

So globally, the experience was not that bad. It only didn't last longer that the 2 above due to the lack of content, bringing less replayability.

Heroes VI and VII didn't exist. No, no, they didn't, I said. Can't hear you, lalala...
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Originally Posted by Baron View Post

Heroes VI and VII didn't exist. No, no, they didn't, I said. Can't hear you, lalala...
Like often old game version stay hard to beat
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