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Yeah, if you have Steam set up to look in multiple locations and finds more than one copy of a game I have no idea how it decides which one it uses when you tell it to launch the game.
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Thinking out loud, kinda. Can't open the game right now, so sorry I don't have all the specific names,

There's a boss in Survival, one of the higher gods, with the fire nova: he does INSANE damage (like pulsing 10k+ hits every second). Though half my characters immediately die upon entering combat with him to some other effect (billion percent reflect? I have no idea). The only time I survived a little while was with the DGA set (mass physical resist, I guess?).

The higher god with pistols is capable of two-shotting (but they fire at the same time) a 100/100 Blademaster (something like 25k life?).

The ultimate Cthonian Nemesis hit one of my Blademasters for at least 18k in a single hit (unlikely to be a crit, DA was very high). I don't think it was a melee hit, seems like a spell effect. (and that character had at least 88% for every resistance, with some stacking beyond)

Is this stuff intended, perhaps bugs of the mods... or might something in DAIL be causing it (how would vanilla characters deal with that kind of damage in the stand-alone version of the mods). Even with a gigantic life pool (over 40k) some of these effects could easily bypass a circuit breaker.

If there's no bug... I guess I'll have to accept the challenge of building some tankier characters!
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PrincessLuna may have a sick sense of humor.
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