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Originally Posted by Lolita View Post
Animation Throwdown
Quite a new game but i lost all my cash. *Terrible*
Pokemon Go. event management
Actually i've just left the game (Got banned 'cos of using rooted phone....haha)
Same situation here! Banned account in Pokemon Go.
And now I am play resident evil!

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Just started to play EVERSPACE, seems like nice Faster Than Light-like game but in 3D and with such amazing graphics! It's still in early access and doesn't have much features, but space in this game ridiculously wonderful.
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During christmas holiday I found out that they've remade the classic Rollercoaster Tycoon-games for iOS. I bought it and have played it quite a lot. It's such a blast from the past.
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Currently playing DOOM and Diablo 3. Weaning off D3 thanks very much to GD!!
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Grim Dawn
Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Sacred 1
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