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Default Soldier dual-class?

So I'm just curious about something, what do you guys think is a good second mastery to best compliment a Soldier character? Are there any mixture of skills that you find to be particularly devastating? I'm going to actually use a shield for once, so I'm thinking that Nightblade might not be the best choice.

I really like using Blitz to get up close and personal with a Soldier, and I'm thinking that if I use that followed by Olexra's Flash Freeze, the Battlemage route might be a really fun way to play. Shaman might also be kinda interesting, but the only time I've used those masteries I found them to be a bit underwhelming, and I'm not going to be doing any summoning.

As a side note, what do you think the dual-class name for a Soldier and a Necromancer will be?

Your thoughts are more than welcome!
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Battlemage is weird, I wouldn´t recommend that, especially with a shield, same for warder, naturally.

Maybe try something like this?
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I expect the Soldier + Necro will be called Death Knight.

Shaman + Soldier is actually really good. It's great for retaliation, high HP, and healing via Wendigo Totem, among other things.

However, Demolitionist is a solid choice for either a fire melee build with Fire Strike or physical with the buffs to that. Finally, probably the most common build for "best physical melee" would include Occultist with CoF to reduce resistances and Blood of Dreeg for healing/buffing.

Battlemage is a bit specialized, and if you're doing physical damage, then throwing OFF into the mix will hurt your setup in the long run, as you'll want to focus your damage buffs around one or two types.
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My commando uses a blitz/force wave combo.
Always looking for other good blokes to play with.

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Commando has the highest physical damage. Witchblade has Curse of Frailty. Take your pick
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Hey thanks for the input you guys, I almost forgot that I made this thread!

Well I decided to go with a Commando, and focus on building fire damage. It's going pretty well so far.
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I've got two going on now one pure shoulder level 54 early elite, waiting for full warborn set and reapers claw all in stash till level 75. Not sure how it'll fair in ultimate going soldier only.

For you question I went the commando route, demologist. Probably making one not the norm. Full solder bar but only one point in most of skills. Demologist side going full fire strike tree and grando tree.
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