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Sorry to hear about your loss, Shacklefurd. I certainly appreciate the involvement some games can have between family members (it was Mario Kart and Space Invaders for me and my dad).

Here's hoping the future of Grim Dawn is everything you and your father would want it to be. Take care!
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Sorry for your loss Shacklefurd and thanks for sharing. Two thumbs up to Zantai (and Zedlee) and a "That's kickass" for the naming gesture.
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my condolences for your loss and your father proud of soldier that you do made in her honor. They also say that great detail by Crate. a hug. sorry for my English.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember playing video games with my grandfather before he died and I love them memories.

Your dad sounds like he was a really cool guy and now Hes now apart of the game he loved playing so much.
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Very moving. I lost my cousin not too long ago from a terrible illness, so I can relate.

I wish you and your family all the best.
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I opened this thread and thought it was about how your dad was enjoing Grim Dawn, like most people tend to show their appreciation to the game every now and then.. untill I read the rest...

My condolences to you and your family... cancer is such a terrible disease, and I hope that someday, humanity can just laugh at it... May god watch his soul from now on... not sure if you are a religious person, but It's my way of showing my condolences to you...

On a sidenote, that is a really awesome thing you guys did there, Zantai...
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I do not think there are good words to use here. I am glad that you father enjoyed games so much and that you were able to share that with him. I am also sorry that had to come to an end.
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Dang. Very sorry to hear about your fathers passing. And so glad to see Zantai and the team honor him in this way. Now I will know what that NPC stands for. Keep the faith.
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Zantai, thank you and the team from Crate for this doing this. It means more to my family than you will ever know and now we will still have a little bit of my father to visit and talk to when we need to.
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Need to get my post count up to post a picture of my father and son enjoying the game.
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