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I am looking for the following Items in Softcore (legit selffound):

Waist - (Green belt with "Subjugator's" Prefix and "of the Wild" Suffix)
Ring - Subjugator's Bloodsword Signet of The Wild (Rare drop from cultists)

My steam is: Steam Afura33

I can offer the following items which I have saved in a google docs file (because I have too many Items ): Click me
Feel free to download my 17 mule chars:

My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198066616064

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Default Trading SC legit

Hello ,
Infernal knight helm( blueprint) or pauldron
Shadow flame mantle
Chestguard of justice
Trozan set (except the chest)
valdun hat (blueprint)
Bloodrager set ( except the amulet )
Tome of Names
Ulzuin's torment ( blueprint)
Ulzuin's amulet ( set piece)
Reckoning ( blueprint)

I have :
Crimson Spike x2
Butcher of Burrwitch
Fist of the Venomblade
Plaguebearer of Dreeg
Shard of Asterkarn
Touch of Purity
Spark of Ultos
Panetti's Replicating Wand
Crystallum x3
Beacon of the Winter's Veil x6
Brutallax x2
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Demonslayer's Life-Ender
Aldanar's Vanityx5
Fiend's Resolve
Blood Orb of Ch'thon x5
Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin
Skull of Gul'Amash x 4
Nightshade's Reachx2
Temporal Arcblade
Bane of the Winter Kingx2
Stormreaver x2
Ultos' Stormseeker x2
Stonefist Rebuke x2
Infernal Brimstonex2
Wildblood Crusher
Silverbolt x4
The Adversary x3
Quillthrower of Dreeg
Hellborne x2
Witching Hour x2
Wretched Tome of Nar'Adin
The Northern Wyrm
Vortex of Souls

Meat Shield x2
The Final Stop
The Untouchable
Will of the Living x2
Dawnbreaker's Duty
Markovian's Bulwark x2

Divinesteel Shoulderguard
Clairvoyant's Mantle x2
Wildblood Mantle

Devil's Cage Hauberk
Fiendscale Jacket x2
Shroud of Illusion x2

Beastcaller's Shroud
Demonslayer's Jacket x2
Divinesteel Hauberk
Stealth Jacket of the Venomblade x2
Valdun's Jacket x2
Vestments of Dreeg

Voidsteel Gauntlets x2
Viperfang Grips x3
Wyrmbone Handguards x2
Touch of the Everliving Grove x5
Bonescavenger's Deathgrips x4
Handguards of Justice
Colossal Grasp
Iceskorn Talons

Blade Breaker Sash x3
Boneweave Girdle x 2
Guthook Belt
Sash of the Bloodlord
Wildblood Girdle
Phantom-Thread Girdle
Sash of the Immortal Sage

Boneweave Leggings
Demonbone Legplates x2
Deathwhisper Leggings
Wildshorn Legguards
Nidalla's Legwraps
Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind
Chausses of Barbaros
Thornhide Legguards
Hellforged Legplates x2
Wraithborne Legwraps x2
Deathwhisper Leggingsx2
Arcane Harmony Leggings x2

Golemborn Greaves x2
Venomspine Greaves
Wyrmscale Footguards
Boneshatter Treads x2
Voidwalker Footpads x3
Wraithwalkers x3
Earthshatter Treads
Footpads of the Grey Magi x2
Windshear Greaves x3

Time-Flux Band
Entropic Coil x2

Avatar of Mercy
Valdun's Bounty

Sigil of the Bear King
Direwolf Crest
Markovian's Stratagem
Beastcaller's Talisman

I Can craft:

Herald of the blazing end

Herald of the Apocalypse

Dread-Mask of Gurgoth
Maw of Despair
Whisperer of Secrets
Faceguard of Justice
Circlet of the Great Serpent
Cowl of the Venomblade
Crown of the Winter King
Light's Defender Helm
Mask of the Harbinger
Ulzuin's Headguard
Visage of the Black Flame
Warborn Visor

Add me on steam :


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I'm looking for:

Alkamo's Touch of Anguish (Please send help I'm dying...been running SoT >20 times but all I got was Dread and Soulrend...)
Beastcaller's Shoulderpads

Or you can trade with mats, the rate is 8:1

What I have: (I will try to update this regularly, sorry if the items you needed are gone )

Bane of the Winter King x2
Havoc x2
Light's Defender Gauntlets
The Adversary
Footpads of the Grey Magi
Deathdealer's Sidearm x4
Viperfang Grips
Witching Hour
The Guillotine x2
The Untouchable
Markovian's Stratagem
Will of the Living
Demonbone Legplates x3
Death Omen
Wildshorn Legguards
Fiend's Resolve x3
Brutallax x2
Demonslayer's Life-Ender x2
Blood Orb of Ch'thon
Invoker's blaze
Meat Shield x2
Speaker for the Dead
Bonescavenger's Deathgrips
Earthshatter Treads x3
Voidwalker Footpads x4
Sash of the Bloodlord
Screams of the Aether
Light's Defender Plate
Fateweaver's Leggings
Warborn Chestguard
Bloodrager's Coat x2
Hammerfall Girdle
Deathmarked Decapitator
Stonefist Rebuke
Tome of the Arcane Wastes
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Bonescavenger's Deathgrips
Hellforged Legplates
Nightshade's Reach
Sigil of the Bear King
Infernal Brimstone
Mark of the Forbidden
Blood Sigil of Ch'Thon
Grim Fate
Zolhan's Revenge
Night's Embrace
Invoker's Burning Hand
Dawnbreaker's Beacon
Band of the Eternal Haunt
Wyrmscale Footguards
Wildblood Girdle
Signet of the Fallen
Quillthrower of Dreeg x2
Codex of Lies
Barrelsmith's Crossfire
Skull of Gul'Amash
Aldanar's Vanity x2
Blade of the Black Flame
Fang of Ch'thon x2
Iskandra's Texts
Tome of Names
Orb of the Black Flame
Glyph of Kelphat'Zoth
Sash of the Immortal Sage
Invoker's Burning Hand
Arcane Harmony Leggings
Voidsteel Gauntlets
Frostdread Cuirass
Vestments of the Great Guardian
Grasp of Unchained Might
Ulzuin's Flamespreader
Collosal Grasp
Consumption of Agrivix
Venomspine Greaves
Markovian's Vanguard
Deathwhisper Leggings
Mark of Dark Dreams
The Peerless Eye of Beronath
Dawnbreaker's Duty
Wildblood Mantle
Alkamos' Touch of Dread
Bloodfury Splauders
Blade Breaker Sash
Black Gem of Dreeg
Obsidian Juggernaut
Plague Bearer of Dreeg

Order Warrant
Arkovian Warrant

Add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/fridaymydude/
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Stonehide Dreeg-Sect Legguards of Nature's Bounty
Formidable Exalted Treads of Menhir's Wall
Incorruptible Cronley's Signet of Attack

will offer many items for each of those greens.


Olerons wrath

Some items i have more than 1 of

Head: -


Divinesteel shoulderguard
Fateweavers mantle
Shoulderguards of justice
Titan pauldrons Wildblood mantle
Ulzuins shoulderguard


Beastcallers shroud
Chestguard of justice
Clairvoyant's robe
Deathmarked jacket
Devils cage hauberk
Dread armor of azragor
Fiendscale jacket
Frostdread cuirass
Gazer man
Infernal knights jacket
Lights defender plate
Shroud of illusion
Stealth jacket of the venomblade
Trozans vestments
Ulzuins chestguard
Vestment of agrivix
Vestment of the great guardian


Colossal grasp
Grasp of unchained might
Iceskorn talons
Necromancers deathgrips
Touch of everliving grove


Blade breaker sash
Boneweave girdle
Phantom-thread girdle
Sash of the immortal sage
Thorn girdle of the misty glade
Wildblood girdle


Arcane harmony leggings
Boneweave leggings
Deathwhisper leggings
Demonbone legplates
Fateweavers leggings
Hellforged legplates
Legwraps of tranquil mind
Wraithborne legwarps


Boneshatter treads
Earthshatter treads
Footpads of the grey magi
Golemborn greaves
Stormtitan treads
Venomspine greaves
Voidwalker footpads
Windshear greaves
Wyrmscale footguards


Celestial stone of halakor
Demonslayers defense


Albrechts duality
Band of the eternal haunt
Entropic coil
Lifegiver signet


Mark of dark dreams
Mark of the apostate
Markovians stratagem
Pyroclasm Mark

1H Weapon:

Beacon of the winters veil
Bane of the winter warrior
Butcher of burrwitch
Clairvoyants wand
Crescent moon
Crimson spike
Death omen
Deathmarked claw
Deathmarked decapitator
Fist of the venomblade
Panettis replicating wand
Reavers claw
Touch of purity
Trozans starkeeper
Warborn gavel

2H Weapon:

Bane of the winter king
Obsidian juggernaut
Stonefists rebuke
The guillotine
Ultos stormseeker
Wildblood crusher

Ranged Weapon:

Demonslayers life-ender
Quillthrower of dreeg
The adversary


Aldanars vanity
Blood orb of ch'thon
Codex of lies
Codex of agrivix
Consumption of agrivix
Fiends resolve
Invokers blaze
Iskandras texts
Skull of gull'amash
Speaker of the dead
Tome of names
Tome of arcane wastes
Wretched tome of Nar'adin


Dawnbreakers Duty
Markovians bulwark
Meat shield
Skybreaker bulwark

Legendarys I can craft:

Herald of blazing ends
Basilisk claw
Beronath, reforged
Spellbreaker waistguard
Tinkers ingenuity
Codex of eternal storms
Eye of dominion
Abyssal mask
Beastcallers cowl
Clairvoyants hat
Deathmarked hood
Faceguard of justice
Mask of infernal truth
Maw of despair
Valduns hat
Badge of mastery
Herald of the apocalypse
Pestilence of dreeg
Warborn visor
Visage of the black flame
Infernal knights faceguard
Demonslayers hat
Crown of the winter king
Bloodragers cowl
Covenant of the three

Can also craft a shit ton of relics

Also got LOADS of epic items

msg me on here or at http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197994300440/
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