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Default Muwahahahahahahaha! Or In Which a Seller of Counterfeit...

...MicroSD cards finally replies with an offer of "what can we do for you?"

February - annoyed at the lack of space on my SanDisk Clip mp3 player I go on trademe.co.nz and buy a microSD card. Not entirely aware of the massive abundance of counterfeit cards I'm a bit naive and don't buy from a electronics/PC shop with a store on Trade Me. 16GB card turns up, looks the deal to my naive eyes, is formatted as some music goes on.

February on to August - Aside from minor issues the card works fine, aside from one time where I couldn't write any music on to it. Solved by formatting the card and copying back over the relevant folders.

Late August:
- Go to load some more music on it, since I want something else to choose from when doing some gardening work, find I can't fucking put anything on there. Cue reformatting the card, then giving up and sticking the music on the onboard Clip memory. Come back later and try and work out just wtf is going on. Work out nothing can be written to the card if it's full to 7.01GB. Go "fuck" and find a suitable tester and then use Fake Flash Test to confirm my suspicions.
- Find that yes, it doesn't actually have the stated 16GB storage and rather only has 7600mb, which leaves it with only 7.01GB of space available to write to. Cue nasty email to seller, complaints sent to Trade Me and Sandisk. Trader claims that they don't have to refund me.

- Fuck around trying to take good enough close in pictures for sandisk, fail due to new batteries that were laying in a draw having jack all usable charge, very annoying since I'm broke. Remind seller that, yes, the law is on my side, to no response.
- Finally get decent batteries days later, cue working out the quirks of mums bridge camera while pining for a decent digital SLR like mums old film camera. Finally work out how to use a cheap plastic magnifying glass to get enough magnification to properly image the card's front and backs. With the serial number finally fucking visible that with blowing up the image you make out the serial number.
- Email SanDisk the asked for images, and the next day get back a confirmation from them that it's a fake card as the serial number isn't one of theirs.

- Finally email seller, copying in the response from SanDisk. Followed by checking the seller's microSD card listings and lo and behold the idiots have removed any mentions of SanDisk from their latest listings and photoshopped out the SanDisk logos from those listings. However they didn't so for their older listings.
- Being the evil fat atheist/humanist/feminist bastard I am I not only leave warnings on every auction that these are counterfeit, but also screenshot the page of listings, and save as complete webpages 4 of the listings.
-While I'm doing this the seller finally replies, ignore it for the moment, since I'm busy saving evidence of their stupidity
- Go to inform Sean from SanDisk what I've found and to ask if they want the new stuff for the Brand Protection team. Evilly chuckling as I do.
- Finally reply to seller that "I'll get back to them, after Trade Me contacts me". Since I now have a stash of stuff I want to give to Trade Me concerning evidence of the card being fake and SanDisk's confirmation of that. Plus there's now the evidence of the seller's guilt vis the edited listings I saved.

All in all, I'm presently grinning from ear to ear, since for fluffing once I get to properly whack a seller of counterfeiter goods down. And I may yet get a refund yet without having to take this to the Disputes Tribunal. Not that a refund will save the seller from me :evil:

Now if only counterfeit hunting on Trade Me vis outdoor gear had been this successful back when I was doing that. Since counterfeit jackets that are likely going to fail and lead to hypothermia are a bit more of a worry than counterfeit microSD cards. And generally more of a rip off too, since they're more expensive. However, Trade Me was really slack at responding to flagged auctions so I'd often see fake shit staying up, except when it involved mass reporting a sellers listings over the space of a week. And that was despite linking to images of the fakes on a site the collects that information.

Oh and having check the seller's listings they've edited them again and altered remaining "SanDisk" listings or edited them to say Samsung instead. Sadly for them, I haz teh evidence safe and sound of their stupidity. Muwahahahahahaha.

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