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Originally Posted by JamesShieldhand View Post
Right now Endless Space, Grim Dawn, Civ V, The new Thief game (which I returned), Diablo 3, and bit of Deadlight and Wasteland 2
I really wanted to like Endless Space but that card system for ship combat, even though the ship combat itself is awesomely designed, that card system, just, auto-matic-face-palm-maker.
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So many new games thanks to the steam sale (well, 6, but then I be on welfare) and yet all my time is spent on Grim Dawn ;-; I Did get through all 3 Resistance games on the PS3 before b29 dropped however.

And I definitely need to play Dropsy though before XCOM 2 is released in 4 weeks, watching Jim Sterling's lets play on it sold me on it and the later reviews only cemented the desire to grab it.
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Playing X-COM Enemy Within right now for the first time. I am pretty surprised how much I like it. Really awesome game, it was one of those I never got round to playing so recently I decided to check it out since I knew it was good and have seen a few people playing it.

I`ll probably play the Long War mod when I finish my first playthrough.
To top it off, XCOM2 is coming out in a few weeks
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town of salem?


friggin arsonists
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...And nobody plays WoW? Lies! =)
My name is Goblin. James Goblin.
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I hardly can believe it, but yeah ... still D2 LoD. Trying to achieve in SP HC what I did in SP SC now, and still have plans for another Sept in SC. Also a weekly HC group game with some other guild members.

O yes, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It was free on Origin a couple of days ago, and it's just awesome if you want some fast paced action. Our 3 boys also love it !!!
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I just reinstalled Sacred 2 Gold with Diablo Mod by Flix.
Sacred 2 has a great world with good graphics and a large world but is still slow paced compared to other ARPG, sometimes it can be good to try different gameplay.
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I'm currently playing

-Diablo 3 on PS4
-StarCraft II Co-Op
-Tales of Zesteria on PS4
-FF7 re-release on PS4
-Heroes of the Storm
-Yahoo Chess
-Chaos Rings 2 on the Android Phone
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I'm playing D3 (season Witch Doc), SW: TOR, TES Online mainly, on PC - and Lego games with my son on the Xbox 360.
Llew Silverhand
***Once and Future Gnome King***
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Mostly Grim Dawn for the last month. Occasionally Dark Souls 2.
Howdy! Ulgrim, are you there? It's me, your best friend!

Praise the Eldritch Sun! \[T]/
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