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Old 07-15-2018, 02:08 PM
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For most Grim Dawn fans this expansion is a must-buy, and it will most certainly get new players into the game due to the gamemode, which people are familiar with from other ARPGs.

Grim Dawn will get another expansion after FG, I'm calling it.
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Old 07-15-2018, 02:23 PM
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Think I'd rather take note of what Zantai had to say in the 25th May stream.

"Any plans for new expansions post Forgotten Gods?
Fogotten Gods isn't even out yet and you're asking me for expansions after that. That will depend entirely on how Forgotten Gods does, but realistically the team would probably like to try some new things soon. We can't be working on Grim Dawn forever. And financially speaking each expansion will sell less than the last. So keeping that in mind, while we expect Forgotten Gods to pay for itself and make us a profit as a company I'm not sure it'll sell as well as Ashes of Malmouth did. That's just the nature of people moving on to other games.

When we move on from Grim Dawn, will there be any possibility of picking Grim Dawn back up in the future - perhaps 5 or so years later?
I would certainly say that's entirely possible. We're not ruling out potentially doing a Grim Dawn 2 some day or some other games in the Grim Dawn universe. That's all up to what the future holds. It's too early to say."

Better to aim for a GD 2 than make yet another expansion which will only make the current game longer.

Most of the team have been working on GD since 2012-2013 so yeah, they need to tackle something different. I hope we get to see what else our clever and sneaky devs can come up with to keep us entertained.
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Old Yesterday, 07:04 AM
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Also, since Forgotten Gods will be a side step, it'll fall on an eventual Grim Dawn 2 to tale the fight to the capitol and stop the Aetherial threat once and for all.
While I appreciate GD (and AoM) not ending on a "you have defeated the source of evil and everyone lives happily ever after" tune, I'd definitely would like to see that humanity actually wins the war and rebuilding the world becomes possible.
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Old Today, 12:11 AM
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I see someone in the art department is a fan of The Neverending Story...
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