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Originally Posted by Evil_Baka View Post
They don't stack no. I'd say it's a bad call as Foul Eruption only goes off when Ravenous Earth kills something whereas Acid Spray can be triggered consistently so is more reliable.
exactly, I edited my post cause I asked the same thing back in March.
But took me a while to figure, lol
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Originally Posted by Silben View Post
Having just leveled RE myself...id recommend using summon skeletons until level 12-15, respec to RE once you finish bat devotion (bat being your number one priority) once you reach mountian depths and can get bonespikes use dual wield bonespikes (use a melee dw relic) until you can get full valgurr set. Your important skills will be Ravenous Earth (first and third nodes), spectral binding/wrath, devouring swarm, and heart of the wild. Other skills can wait. Once you are comfortable with your main RE skill fill in the others on an as needed basis - ie feeling squishy get heart/binding, bosses living too long get devouring swarm/wrath.
I think (for this build) starting with Swarm + Totem (with a groble sky effigy) then picking up RE with 1 bonespike + keeping the offhand is a smoother leveling experience, but thats just my 2 cents of course.
Originally Posted by Aetherial View Post
Gallop, you plan to add, podzemele bagels?
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