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Originally Posted by Dammitt View Post
Can you elaborate? What exactly is bugged? Did you try to clear cache?
Whoa, that was fast. Elaborate, sure, gladly.

Cache is cleared on exiting FF anyway, but I did it manually just now, just in case, no change.

Okay, when I go to grimtools.com/calc/ and press S, then go to the Devotions tab, it looks like this:

Of course I wanna zoom out a bit, and then it looks like this:

The devotion picture actually shows when I put a few points in it, and then disappears again, when i put the last point in. Freaky.

I suspected adBlock plus and/or NoScript, but like I said, it worked fine until a few weeks ago. Tried deactivating them, no change.
Works in Chrome also. But I really just have Chrome installed for stuff like this, when FF doesn´t comply.

Thanks for the quick respond and sorry to have to bother you.

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Originally Posted by tsuelue View Post
Whoa, that was fast. Elaborate, sure, gladly.
Thanks, I'll look into in. In general it's just a couple of large sprite sheets for constellation images and several filters, they aren't tied to zoom level, so atm I don't have any idea what might be causing it.
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