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Game of Thrones
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A friend dared me to watch Selfie, with Karen Gillan. I had my reservations, because of the title. Just didn't think it was my cup of tea. But surprisingly, I loved it. It was funny, warm, down to earth and really relatable. I believe the people behind it made something great. Such a shame the show was canceled. Maybe it should have been promoted better... *sigh* Oh well.
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I'm watching Riverdale.

I love it. It's like watching David Lynch direct a DeGrassi series. Many, many callbacks for Xers...
pepe is a facist

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I don't watch movies, instead I watch porn. Dunno if this counts.
I don't play Crucible.
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Cloak & Dagger
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Nowadays, I am watching X Files (Season 7). I think first season is so good; but the others are boo.
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I'm watching closely Zantai posts and then patiently waiting when he will reveal the most in demand mastery: paladin
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
There's not going to be a Paladin mastery, begin your shame.
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I am rewatching Person of Interest.
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Sicario Soldado (2018)
Good story, showing the brutal and bloody side of modern warfare against terrorism, but seems to run out of ideas half way through and keeps repeating itself.
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Getting laughs out of old Robot chicken seasons skits.

Encyclopedia Brown and the Missing Balls - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1nWec8uV54

Encyclopedia Brown's Solution - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEhl-ZMgaec

Hahah. Seems like average marriage scenerio.
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