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if anyone else is having an issue with the yeti (queen) phase 2 spawning:

I thought it was just me when I went in there with my mod testing char that I just killed both phases too quickly to even notice the second, but I guess phase two wasn't spawning at all.

Anyways I removed the demapteranqueen animations and it is working now. Either download it again from the same link
Starts download: https://goo.gl/dqfVfS
but delete the old settings folder first, since the old anim files need to be removed to fix this.

or delete the folder yourself:
settings\ creatures\enemies\insects\anm\dermapteranqueen
not sure why, maybe the death animation from phase 1 was moving the model to a position where the second phase would not be visible. Luckily the skeleton from those 2 creatures are the same, so everything is working fine. If I had known they have the same skeleton I could have saved myself the time of copy/renaming the yeti animations in the first place
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Originally Posted by WareBare View Post
If you want to do it yourself:
what I did is take the .msh and .anm files from the extracted game files and copy them to settings with the name of .msh and .anm to replace.
Use Viewer.exe to find what you are looking for.

Explanation for Animations and Meshes:
The Mesh needs to have a Skeleton/Rig/Armature in order to be animated, it consists of bones that are being moved with the animation. In order for an animation to work for a different mesh it needs to have the same bone names in the same order. Some of them have the same root bone, so animations work on some parts, like spawning the creature, because the root moves the entire mesh around. Probably good enough to have something show up even if it doesn't move.
Since spiders have a different skeleton I needed to replace animation files as well. Or they would be statues (just looks weird and might cause other issues)

The file is to big now, so Google Drive it is:

extract into Grim Dawn, so you end up with a settings folder:
Grim Dawn/settings/level art/...
Grim Dawn/settings/creatures/...

Changed Meshes and Animations
  • Spider: changed to Boars
  • Demapteran: changed to Boars
    • Demapteran Queen (Phase 1): changed to a Yeti
    • Demapteran Queen (Phase 2): changed to a Yeti with horns
  • Prawn: changed to Boars

Changed LevelArt
  • Webs changed to a small pile of bones
Keep in mind sounds are unchanged
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I am SOOOOOOOO glad that someone has turned those (ughhhhhhh) into boars, and see how tiny they are! I think boars are a good choice because they sound actually quite similar.

I just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you. You really saved me, after I've be frightened for 100 hours.
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