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Now I call that speed farming!
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Well it reminds me of Beyblade... so it would've also worked with the Beyblade theme =D
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Originally Posted by Kotli View Post
Interesting.... BTW at 0:53 seems to have grabbed speed boost as it even faster that the first part.
I missed this, sorry. I edited that last section of the video to play at a higher speed. I didn't actually achieve that speed. You can tell because the animations and monster movements are faster too if you look carefully.

The lyric of the song before that jump-cut is "gotta go faster" instead of "gotta go fast" and since it was the finale of the video I thought it'd be visually stunning, and amusing to actually "go faster."
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Grim dawn: Forgotten Beyblade
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i loved what i see
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Look like D2 barb, looooooove that
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Looks like POE now!
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Where's the video/image/gif????
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Click on the video in the opening post. Or are you not seeing it? If not, try another browser.
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Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
Something tells me the playtesters recently got access to the Oathkeeper...

There maaay be a bug with movement speed scaling with Eye of Reckoning.
I just watched that again, and I gotta say "hax". Hax.

Ok, I said it, I can finito my life. And by finito my life I mean eat something and go to bed because my life starts over again tomorrow. And then again the same way, finito my life to then start it again. And again.

Btw, Zantai is a haxer.
I don't play Crucible.
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