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Now I call that speed farming!
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Well it reminds me of Beyblade... so it would've also worked with the Beyblade theme =D
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Originally Posted by Kotli View Post
Interesting.... BTW at 0:53 seems to have grabbed speed boost as it even faster that the first part.
I missed this, sorry. I edited that last section of the video to play at a higher speed. I didn't actually achieve that speed. You can tell because the animations and monster movements are faster too if you look carefully.

The lyric of the song before that jump-cut is "gotta go faster" instead of "gotta go fast" and since it was the finale of the video I thought it'd be visually stunning, and amusing to actually "go faster."
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Grim dawn: Forgotten Beyblade
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i loved what i see
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Look like D2 barb, looooooove that
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Looks like POE now!
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