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Originally Posted by Valinov View Post
Here's what I would do https://www.grimtools.com/calc/RVvKwaWZ with angrim crafts over 3k armor... this should melt face lol

Edit : ending up using seal of the void. build seems solid af. dont have 5 savagery badge, but lvl 25 just fine
I'd not agree with Seal of the Void - it converts 10% useful physical to unused chaos providing only 4% attack speed and another WPS. In this case another WPS is bad, it narrows the window for Upheaval to proc. This needs testing.

Other changes look reasonably.
Are you sure about Elemental seekers? Didn't use them as well, how do they perform in real?

Edit: after little time thinking about it I stopped on this build.
Almost same as yours but with bunch of racial bonuses, also removed BoM entirely. However, without Blind Sage.

Edit 2: or even this one.
8% crit damage, skill bonuses and 25% to humans in exchange for some resists and 40 OA.
Making Gladiators.
Most of my builds can be found in Build Compendium VIII.

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