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Default Grim Misadventure #114: A New Thing...

The expansion hype train in Grim Misadventures is still going at full speed! If you haven’t been keeping up, you may want to read more about the upcoming Inquisitor Mastery, the Illusion System and (most recently) the Item Skill Modifiers.

As promised, this update is going to lift the shadows from another big secret coming in the expansion. Last week, we offered just a teaser of what’s to come. What could it mean?

Any guesses? This is your last chance!

A few months back, we had a pretty big announcement for you as we revealed the first of the upcoming expansion’s two new masteries. Since that time, we have alluded to the second mastery, but what it was remained a mystery…until now.

This mastery comes from not only our desire to bring an awesome archetype to Grim Dawn, but it is also one that has been highly requested by our players over the years. Today, we are proud to announce Crate Entertainment’s take on…the enigmatic Necromancer!

The art of necromancy has always come with a certain amount of revulsion from the general populace, and rightfully so as this arcane school toys with death itself, that ultimate fate to which all must succumb. Fear of the unknown turned necromancers into pariahs. This was never truer than during the age of the Arkovian Empire.

Following a period of steep decline, the rulers of Arkovia needed a scapegoat to distract the disgruntled populace from the corruption threatening to topple the once great empire. Necromancers proved to be a perfect target. Already detested by most citizens, the Arkovian Oligarchs banned the practice of necromancy outright and condemned its practitioners to the prison known as the Steps of Torment. One of the last necromancers to be captured was the mysterious Uroboruuk. But he was unlike any other, for he could not be killed by any means employed by the Arkovian executioners.

This naturally intrigued the Oligarchs, who craved such power for themselves. After excruciating and lengthy torture, Uroboruuk eventually gave in to their wishes and performed a ritual that would bestow his secret upon the greedy rulers. With the spell unleashed, the necromancer slipped away while the Arkovians tested their newfound immortality.

However, there was more to the spell than Uroboruuk let on, something the Arkovians discovered all too late. Their immortality was not a blessing, but a curse. Their wounds would not heal. The elderly would rot away from disease. Over decades of tormented existence without the merciful release of death, the Arkovians were driven mad, forever trapped between life and death. Nothing remained of them but spirits and bones. Uroboruuk’s revenge was absolute.

It was centuries before Uroboruuk resurfaced again. With the systematic extermination of his necromancer brothers and sisters, Uroboruuk represented one of the last threads by which the art of necromancy still existed within the world of Cairn. He swore to restore necromancy to its former glory, to engrain the pursuit of knowledge and life’s mysteries into a new generation. That was the day the Order of Death’s Vigil first came into being.

Most modern necromancers hail from this group, trained with knowledge passed down upon them from the immortal master himself. Necromancers harness the power of death to dominate the battlefield, whether through the binding of spirits and skeletal minions to do their bidding or by sapping the very life from their enemies.

A fully trained necromancer is a terrifying sight to behold.

Although they primarily engage in the weaving of magic, necromancers are aptly equipped to enter the fray in close quarters, or to weave their death magic into ranged weaponry. Do not for a moment think that a cornered necromancer is easy prey.

While Inquisitor Creed’s training once had him hunting necromancers in the interest of defending the empire, dire times demand that old hatreds be set aside so that humanity endures through the trials beset upon it by the Grim Dawn. A powerful necromancer would be a welcome ally indeed in these arduous times.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the skills available to necromancers:

Please note that as the masteries are still under development, the following information may change by release.
Necromancers employ horrifying minions and debilitating spells that harvest the very souls from their foes, making them a deadly combatant at any distance. Their greatest strength lies in the use of Aether and Vitality magic, though they do not shy away from using Cold and Poison as well.

Drain Essence
”Necromancers firmly believe in the concept of greater good, and sometimes the greater good means that one's life essence must be sacrificed so that another may live. Though this transfer is frowned upon, some practitioners have trouble resisting the temptation of raw vital energy.”

Who needs potions when you’ve got enemies? Healing yourself is just a mere foe away. With sufficient practice, a necromancer can cause this ability to consume vitality from additional nearby foes as well.

Raise Skeletons
”The art of reanimating skeletal remains is among the first rites of aspiring Necromancers, but also one of the most rudimentary. Through sheer will, a Necromancer may call upon the spirits beyond the veil and draw them into the bones of the deceased. Should the ritual succeed, skeletal minions, loyal only to the summoner, shall rise. However, due to the unstable nature of the spell, such minions will not remain standing for long.”

A necromancer is not complete without an arsenal of undead minions to do his bidding. With this ability, you raise three skeletons to serve you. More powerful minions have a chance to emerge at higher ranks. Bring forth any combination of warriors, archers, mages and revenants.

Further mastery through modifiers increases the summon limit as well as the longevity and durability of your undead servants. When fully trained, any foes you slay have a chance to reset the cooldown.

Necrotic Edge
”By striking with the chill of the grave, your attacks inflict instant necrosis upon the afflicted wound, the sight of which can cause even the most resolute foes to falter.”

This devastating weapon pool proc strikes foes with chilling fear. While it works with any weapon type, it cleaves additional foes when used with melee weapons.

And more…
Shatter the souls of your enemies to conjure violent wraiths. Bolster your minions with necrotic powers. Fill the battlefield with disease and rot. The Necromancer offers cruel new ways to dispose of your pathetic enemies.

Class combination names you can look forward to: Apostate, Cabalist, Death Knight, Defiler, Reaper, Ritualist and Spellbinder.

Now that you know what both masteries are, what are you looking forward to the most in Grim Dawn’s first expansion?

Like knowing what is coming up next for Grim Dawn? Check back on 04/03/2017 for our next development update!
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***Waste of Souls***
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This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i was in the "not a big fan of the necro" crowd but i wait to see what you make of it.

I hope that will be far more varsatile than just a "summoner" archetype.
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this is pretty dope
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At first, I have a plan on playing Inquisitor, but the artwork of necromancer changes my mind. All the whole plan.

It is SOOOO AWESOME. I like the art work very much. It's very cool.

Good job, devs. I'm looking forward of improvement in range build and this awesome necromancer
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I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!! CALLED IT! I knew it.

And it's about damn time. Now I need to know the names of the class combos.
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great!! I can't wait to make a necro!
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Gotta keep to my word...

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grim misadventure
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