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Warding Solael-Sect Legguards of Nature's Bounty
Stonehide exalted treads of feathersteps
Dread lord's cronley's signet of shadows
Stonehide iron maiden shoulderguard of menhirs wall

Valdun's hat
Reforged chain of oleron
Oleron wrath

I can offer

Empowered legplates of valor
Empowered soiled trousers

Blademaster talisman blueprint

Aldanars vanity
Bane of the winter king
Barrelsmith crossfire
Blood orb of Ch'thon
Blood Sigil of Ch'thon
Bloodragers coats

Boneshatter treads
Butcher of burrwitch
Codex of lies
Codex of agrivix
Codex of lies
Colossal grasp
Chausses of Babaros
Deathmarked decapitator
Dawnbreakers sledge
Deathwhisper leggings
Deathdealers sidearm
Devil cage hauberk
Demonslayer defence
Fateweavers mantle
Fist of the venomblade
Footpads of the grey magi
fiends resolve
Grasp of the unchained might
Golemborn greaves
Glyph of kelphat zoth
Grim fate
Hardbinger grasp
Hellforged legplates
Invokers burning hand
Iskandra's Hood
Infernal brimstone
Lifegiver signet
Lightshade reach
Light defender gauntlet
Meat shield
Quillthrower of dreeg
Shadowflame mantle
Shroud of illusion
Stonefist rebuke
Skybreach bulwark
Temporal arcblade
The northern wyrm
The final stop
The guillotine
Thorn girgle of the misty glade
Titan pauldrons
Ulzins flamespreader
Valdun's bounty
Venomspine greaves
Vestment of the great guardian
Voidsteel gauntlet
Windshear greaves
Wildblood girgle
Wraith walkers
Wyrmbone handguard
wyrmscale footguard

Tonic of clarity


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looking for:
Ulzuin's Pyroclasm

contact me there: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198063452061/
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