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Old 10-12-2018, 01:11 AM
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What x1x2 said ^
Check out my builds and guides to them (all Crucible Gladiator 150-170 capable) in my profile.
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Originally Posted by x1x1x1x2 View Post
The usual SS breaker setup is ABB on LMB and SS on RMB or vice versa. If you follow those bindings and press either of those skills on cooldown you get a default attack. If you bind them to any other key it won't do the default attack. Now since you're using a controller it might be a bit different and I'm not familiar with that part.

Note that you have to click a unit here cause of course, SS doesn't do shit without a target.
Ahhh ok, this explains it then. I never used the mouse buttons for attacks of any kind, I always used them for buffs, and I used the keyboard for attacks. It's just how I've always setup aRPG's so I used the same config for this game also.

I assigned ABB and SS to the mouse buttons, and it works as people say, so all is fine, it's just how I had it setup.

Now, the controller is different. The game assumes the LB and RB on the XB1 controller to be the same as the left and right mouse buttons. By default they assign health and energy to the bumpers, so it'll need some changing the options. I did that and it works as well...ABB casts and then uses default attack when on cool down.

Thanks for the info, that really clears up a lot and I'm going to have to reconsider how I play the game.

Edit: I'm not quite correct on the controller. There is *one* button that can be assigned as the quickslot #1 button, and that button will act as a default attack if the skill in that slot is on cool down.

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