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Well, might think about stuff like that, cause of Paradox ... when you're just carelessly reading through the dev diaries -> First line was, well I have no clue what to write about here so --> [SPOILER] here are full patch notes
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Very nice logo, looks a little Aetherish^^

Keep up the great work !
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Amazing news!cant wait for that.
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Originally Posted by eralduspr View Post
Patience, young grasshopper.
Remember the teachings of the Grand Master:
okay, okay, i'll calm down, whatever...
Originally Posted by eralduspr View Post
"Be like Aether my friend. Corrupt and destroy everything around you."
...wait wot? you mean like spreading rumors gd was going always online?

Originally Posted by medea fleecestealer View Post
Then you better persuade it to calm down otherwise you won't hear when the date is finally released.
i will notice, oh i will notice.

Originally Posted by cfwl View Post
I'd rather expect something more subtle in "Zantai-Style". next Misadvanture he says "Don't know what you are waiting for, expansion is in store since whenever"
he wouldn't dare, i'd shake my fist angrily at him.
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Originally Posted by Hotdog View Post
Awesome news. looks great. if aether is the focus, I have a sneaking feeling we might get a new caster class...
The expansion will ship with two new classes the Inquisitor and the Necromancer. While not purely aether, both do have aether skills, allowing for more combinations with our favourite corrupting magic essence.

Check: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=54830 for a compilation of information on both classes gathered from Grim Diaries and Dev Streams by the Grim Dawn Community.
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Waiting is so hard. So. Much. Hype.
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Can´t wait for the expansion.
Love this game....
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