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Post Terrify on Necrotic Edge

I am currently leveling a Melee Death Knight. Necrotic Edge fits the build like a glove, and would add some nice melee cleave. Yet I am avoiding it like the plague due to terrify.

Is it just me or is terrify terrible, and specifically annoying to melee? Does this CC add any value to any skill? You just have trash running around randomly, that needs to be chased down one by one, killing any chance for melee cleave in any case.

Should this CC even exist (and on a cleave skill)? If it is useful for ranged players, do it like other WPS skills where it reacts differently for melee and ranged. Please.
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I was thinking about the fear/terrify concept these days too
I feel like for melee skills, it should be totally gone
Necrotic Edge and War Cry modifier for example, should be any other debuff but fear.
For Ill omen, in theory I guess it's fine cause it's a way for casters to feel safe... However many melee builds use it as a one pointer to proc devotions or just to add the damage reduction.

I personally dislike it and avoid these skills since I've started playing on beta
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Actually it may be useful in crucible when overcrowded with trash. Allows to concentrate on heroes.
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crowd control, melee, necrotic edge, terrify

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