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Old 02-13-2018, 08:43 PM
Khronikos Khronikos is offline
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Default Please make a Camera ZOOM LOCK for controllers.

Hey guys, you have done an amazing job with this game. One thing bothers me more than anything else. It is the touchy nature of zoom control for controller. It is mapped to the right stick. I cannot stand this. Every time I rotate the camera and move it starts zooming in too. I use my mouse and keyboard at times with my controller, so zooming is not a problem, and it is certainly not something that should be mapped to an analog stick.

It basically makes the game unplayable to me with only those options. To solve this currently I just unbind the buttons on input mapper for the DS4 profile I created. Not everyone can do this though, or in reality not everyone knows what to do to solve these problems. I would like a zoom lock function when you guys get time. Should be super easy to implement. Thanks in advance a million times.

You could also give us better options for controller button mapping. Right now it's a bit unpolished. We should at least have our gamepad screen where things can be locked down IMO. Things for the future. I just want a camera zoom lock for now so I don't need a custom profile in input mapper.

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Old 02-14-2018, 09:33 PM
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I have absolutely no problem with the camera, it's pretty agile, and I move it all the time. It's about getting used and being precise to avoid the zoom while turning it. A locked zoom though, being optional, is not a bad idea.

The mapping in the skills window is unpolished? Why? Pressing triangle and assigning whatever you want is simple and elegant. I only mapped first the energy option to R3 though in the regular options, since I barely use it, and L1 for another skill (pneumatic burst in my case). You can even assign skills to L3 (in my case pet attack to focus my shadows on concrete enemies when I need to kill asap X enemy).

In general, it's already very polished and pad is pretty comfortable. I use keyboard only for toggled skills, which I activate once and don't need to touch again till I restart the game or die.
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