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Looks very good, but I have to be honest.
I feel having more than wave 150 is too much, especially when new nemesis are being added.
Just playing wave 1 - 150 is long hard work and if there is going to be tougher mobs and longer waves, it will be more pain than pleasure.
Also, some builds are simply not able to play crucible at all.

Currently, having high stun res and phys res are answer to tough & insane heavy punchers.
This narrows the build you can play, and this is very very sad thing since being able to build and play any character was most fun part of this game.

I love playing this game, but hopefully new patches will change current condition.
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Originally Posted by Norzan View Post
Without shift casting, it will run up to the minimum range possible and then cast it under the enemy. With shift casting, it will cast at the maximum range possible, if your cursor is out of the maximum possible range.
That makes sense, thank you for the answer. I don't think anyone should have problem with that kind of solution.
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OMG I need this dungeon
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Originally Posted by claudius View Post
Is there a chance the game could come to Playstation 4? Or is it an exclusive to Xbox? And if so why is it like that?
Modt likely not for PS4, it comes to XBox because the PC and it both use DirectX, so you already have something that is 90% there with the PC version. This is not the case for PS.
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splendid news ....

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Originally Posted by Leak View Post
Well, as far as I'm concerned I can't even load into the game without getting less than 60FPS with the new renderer (without seriously cranking down my video settings) whereas the old one did it just fine (with everything maxed, not to mention that even the main menu gets less than 60FPS with the new one) I'm not sure I'd call it an obvious improvement...
I did not call it an obvious improvement either I said it supposedly is.

Has there been some analysis as to what the PCs that do not get better performance have in common or is this more like 'random 50 users have worse performance with it' ?
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Super excited for the casting changes. Will make playing my Vindicator with mouse and keyboard actually fun instead of a chore (annoying enough right now that I've been playing it with a controller, and I don't like playing Grim Dawn with a controller, though maybe with the new changes it will be better...hopefully I can disable map rotation on the right stick.)
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Looking forward to see patch notes. That gate looks beautiful!
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Much excite.

I'm more excited about the casting changes for use with my Bone Harvest, totems/traps/player-scaled pets, and projectiles than anything else. I would be happy if weapon projectiles always traveled their maximum distance, but not "failing" when targeting outside the range will be simply amazing.

For the players complaining about this change, where were you to voice your concerns on the multiple, pages-long threads about this exact much-needed change? There are multiple threads on Steam, Reddit, and here regarding Bone Harvest and totems specifically as well as cast distance failing in general. A quick Google will lead you to 4-5 on the front page alone depending on chosen wording.

Luckily it's all but finalized, so it's happening. I would simply say have an open mind and try it out. You might get some wonky SoC or totem placement for a short while, but once you've settled in and adjusted, I hope your gameplay is better for it. I'm sour about the upcoming Seal of Blades change, but you don't see me bringing it up on every one of my forum posts from the past two weeks. *checks post history* erm... you get the point. Some will be happy, and some won't.
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Dear Crate,

Thank you for being a proper example of a gaming company; one that, I feel, I don't deserve.

Much respect and appreciation,

Originally Posted by medierra View Post
It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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