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Default [] Spellbreaker Fleshwarped Aether Master - Melee, DualW, u, c, vid, g1, 58s MQ

Good Evening all. First of all I want to congrats all with Merry Christmas and wish all happy New Year. Seems like its last thread I made in this Year.

THEODIN MARCELL OLD V. VIDEO - default attack fast kill VIDEO

Wanna share with all my conception on Spellbreaker through Aether damage, that I started work on from version. First setup was using two Mythical Mindwarp weapons through Default Weapon attack. I was testing it on Iron Maiden and Kubacabra, and post few videos before release. But with new update this build is now looks pretty well, new Rare item: Heart of Theodin Marcell that gives us awesome skill: Fleshwarped Strikes made it a lot better. So I wanna share the result with all.

My personal feelings about it, build is balanced between defense and attack, the OA is not so big here, but its not so squishy as many (Nightblade) builds, fast movement and nice life steal, facetanking the crowd of mobs, able to kill Mad Queen, and many other danger bosses. I hope you have your minds how to improve this idea and make it top build, for now this is my result for this conception. I cant say that this is top build, there are many more powerful builds on forum, that you can find. But anyway I like this one
One of the powerful sides of this build is a nice crowd control: enemy knock down, stun, petrify, terrify, confuse - all this nice things make life much more easier. Nice freeze resist helps from immobilization.

Damage: Aether
Active skills: Fleshwarped Strikes, Nullification, Callidors Tempest, Mirror of Ereoctes, Shadow Strike, Pneumatic Burst, Blade Trap, Bloodthirster
Passive skills: Veil of Shadow, Reckless Power, Maiven's Sphere of Protection, Aether Weapons, Iskandras Elemental Exchange
WPS Skills: Belgothian Shears, Execution, Whirling Death, Arcane bomb, aether fire, , arcane currents, fist of vire, mindwarp, screams of aether, Krieg's fury, dreadblade, thread of mortality, ethernal haunt, shimmering splendor, agrivix malice, wave of fire

GRIMTOOLS BUILD: http://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNk3104N

Reqired items: I made a lot of experiments with gear try many things that I have in my stash, and decided that this is the best gear for this build, Mythical Maw of Despair gives life steal to Callidors Tempest and its works now like a heal skill, also Clairvoyants Mantle are good thing to convert Chaos Damage to Aether from bonuses of passive skill Fabric of Reality. 3 Parts of Krieg set gives a lot of resists and defense, nice bonuses to health and skills. Screams of Aether and Pretty Great Pants help in fight by their procs, and Band of Eternal Haunt is nice RR. Thread of Mortality gives a lot of surviving and life steal, so I'm happy that finally found it for this char. Sash of Immortal Sage is just amazing, lots of resists. Really Great Pants can be changed on any other MI if you have, but still "Turns out, still Ok." Mind Warp and Heart of Theodin Marcell are the best choice and better roll you have, more damage you will get. There is only question about relic, Im shure there can be better relic for this build, I think.

Required Gear:
Weapon - Mythical Mindwarp
Weapon - Heart of Theodin Marcell
Helm - Mythical Maw of Despair
Chest - Kriegs Chestguard
Shoulders - Mythical Clairvoyants Mantle
Boots - Kriegs Boots
Belt - Mythical Sash of Immortal Sage
Gloves - Kriegs Grip
Pants - Really Great Pants \ or \ any good Rare pants
Ring - Mythical Band of Eternal Haunt
Ring - Mythical Screams of Aether \ Mythical Albrechts Duality \ Mythical Eternal Band \ Mythical Aetherlords Signet \ Magelord Band \ Magelord Signet
Amulet - Mythical Thread of Mortality
Medal - Mythical Mark of the Dreadblade
Relic - Agrivix Malice \ or \ ?

Pysique:94 Cunning:11 Spirit:0
Resists (on my gear):
Fire: 84 (+81% over) Cold: 80 (+1% over) Lighting: 80 (+70% over) Poison: 80 (+5% over) Piercing: 80 (+5% over) Bleeding: 80 (+26% over) Vitality: 88 (+11% over) Aether 80 (+48% over) Stun 70% Chaos 88 (+89% over)

Devotion Route: add 1 point to Primordial -> take Wraith -> take Toad -> next Empty Throne -> take Eel -> remove 1 point from Primordial -> take Raven -> Widow -> Spider -> Wolverine -> Sailors Guide -> Attak Seru The Mirage -> Hound -> Vire The Stone Matron -> If not take Vire fully you will have two free points at the end that you can move to any devotions on your taste.

On Ultimate game goes easy if you have all required gear, use Shadowstrike, jump in crowd of monsters, use Pneumatic Burst, Callidors Tempest, if needed Nullify your enemies. If fight goes hard there is always two savior knobs Bloodthirster and Mirror of Ereoctes, when you have positive reputation with Barrowholm you can use Hungerer Oil which is really useful. Also if needed you can always use Courageous Tincture (Faction: Homestead) for boosting defense. In total game goes fast and meditative but sometimes some bosses can cause problems, the biggest danger is Gravathul, with his powerful damage and Nullification and with all this life steal resist, he will kill this char easy. All other nemesis is really killable, some problems still can create Zantarin The Immortal with his ultimate one shot spell, better to avoid his attack.

Lvl:100 top boss kill - Fabius (yes), Iron Maiden (yes), Mad Queen (yes), BennJahr (yes), Zantarin (yes-hard), Valdaran (yes-medium), Moosilauke (yes), Kubacabra (yes-hard), Gravathul (no), Wendigo (no), Master of Flesh Theodin Marcell (yes), Loghorrean Voice of Ch'ton (yes), Sharzul (yes), Alkamos (yes), Aleksander (not tested yet)

If you wanna try this build, you should start from cold damage, not many items with aether damage on low levels, better to go through Amarastas Blade Burst with dual or two handed weapon, and after level 50 you can switch to some Legendary "Aether" items and add Reckless Power and Callidors tempest to skills. This is not Hardcore type build, so I dont recommend it on hardcore.

Crucible - easy farm on Aspirant, a bit challenge on Challenger Difficulty, I tried it also on Gladiator, and best my result was wave 149 - Its funny that I got achievement on 10M points by this char lol. But I was killed by Sentiel, Thalonis, Sharzul, and Alkamos
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