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Softcore :


-Uroboruuk's Eye (can give TWO for this)

-Mythical Light's Defender Helm (prefer to pay mats and tip for this, or something NOT very valuable)

-BoM with +3 Skeletons (if the +2 suffix is bad i dont give something really valuable, if its a good one i can give 2 mythicals of your choice. PM its stats)


Can give mats if you want for items i need

- Arcanist's Yeti Horn of Spellweaving/Fallen Skies :
(+1 Trozan / +3 Wind devil/ %cold and or lightning)

1xRing - Subjugator's or Wanderer's Bloodsworn Signet of The Wild

-Incorruptible Ring with a life suffix (vitality or potency)
-Incorruptible Belt with a life suffix (vitality or potency)

-Good rare gear with high armor , high life and high resists. Pm stats for rares,if they are really good i can even offer legendaries

** Items marked with ** :Will not give really valuable BPs or high-level set-items for those items, can pay with other items or mats (heart/iron/brain... etc)


Legendary :

-Beacon of Lost Souls
-Mythical Arcane Shard of Agrivix

-Stoneguard Pummeler
-Mythical Mark of the Forbidden
-Mythical Ulto's Stormseeker
-Mythical Warborn Gavel
-Mythical Iskandra's Pauldrons
-Mythical Trozan's Hat **BLUEPRINT**
-Mythical Demon Slayer's Life-Ender #(Cabalist char)
-Mythical Dawbreaker's Sledge #(Cabalist char)
-Mythical Crimson Spike #(Cabalist char)
-Allagast's Stormbinder #(Cabalist char)
-Platemail of Octavius
-Bulwark of Octavius
-Mythical Vestments of Agrivix
-Mythical Mantle of Dreeg
-Mythical Viperfang Grips
-Galewind treads

-Mythical Malakor's Infusion
-Mythical Razor of the Venomblade #(Cabalist char)
-Mythical Legwraps of the tranquil mind
-Mythical Blade Breaker Sash
-Mythical Aethereach
-Mageslayer's Armguard
-Mythical Lifegiver Signet
-Mythical Blood orb of Ch'ton
-Mythical pyroclasm mark
-Mythical Handguards of Justice
-Mythical Infernal Knight's Girdle
-Mythical Infernal Knight's Pauldrons
-Mythical Reaper of the Accursed
-Mythical Dread knight's legplates
-Diviner's Mantle
-Mythical Invoker's Shocking Touch
-Mythical Herald of Blazing Ends
-Mythical Mark of the Dreadblade
-Mythical Bloodsong
-Mythical Riftwarped Grasp
-Mythical fist of the Venomblade
-Mythical Stealth Jacket of the Venomblade
-Mythical Corruptor's Mantle
-Mythical Codex of Eternal Storms
-Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards
-Mythical Stonefist Rebuke
-Mythical Harbringer's Grasp
-Mythical Adversary
-Mythical Timewarped Walkers
-Mythical Massacre
-Mythical Venomspine Greaves
-Runebinder's Shoulderguard
-Dagalon's Destroyer
-Mythical consumption of Agrivix
-Mythical evoker of elgoloth

-Bloodrager's Cowl **BLUEPRINT**
-Ulzuin's Headguard **BLUEPRINT**
-Hood of Dreeg **BLUEPRINT**
-Trozan's Hat *BLUEPRINT**
-Iskandra's Hood **BLUEPRINT**
-Abyssal Mask **BLUEPRINT**
-Dread-Mask of Gurgoth **BLUEPRINT**

-The Grey Knight
-Luminari Jacket
-Diviner's Codex
-Vestments of Dreeg
-Mantle of Agrivix
-Open Hand of Mercy
-Trozan's Starkeeper x2
-Trozan's Vestments
-Blade of the Black Flame
-Ulzuin's Flamespreader
-Skull of Gul'Amash
-Deathmarked Decapitator
-Clairvoyant's Wand
-Chestguard of Justice


Relic Blueprints :

-Eye of the Storm
-Primal Instict
-Ulzuin's Pyroclasm
-Oleron's Wrath

Epics :

-Mythical frozen core
-Empowered Starfire
-Left Hand of Carnage
-Empowered Shard of Menhir (+3 to all max res)

Can Craft :

-Deathmarked Hood
-Markovian's Visor
-Faceguard of Justice
-Beastcaller's Cowl

Steam name : Zorgilon

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Just need Mythical Trozan's mantle if anyone can help me out. Have plenty of mats/iron to offer.
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I need Blood Knight's Scrolls. I have lots of rare mats, and a bunch of legendaries, let me know what you need.
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Hi guys. I'm looking for:
Mostly materials and components: Ugdenblooms, Brain, Heart, Battered shell/frozen heart...

My offers (in no order, use search tools or Ctrl+F to find):
Stronghold defender
Stronghold revolver
Mythical stonefist rebuke
Mythical Handguards of justice
Mythical Anderos' amplifier
Mythical Black scourge
Mythical Bonescavenger's deathgrips
Mythical Beastcaller's shoulderpads
Mythical Blade breaker sash
Mythical Cindertouch
Mythical Codex of agrivix
Mythical Dread armor of Azragor
Mythical Dread knight's legplates
Mythical Death's reach
Mythical Dawnbreaker's sledge
Mythical Evoker of Elgoloth
Mythical Havoc
Mythical Meat shield
Mythical Iceskorn talons
Mythical Silverbolt
Mythical Ulzuin's shoulderguards
Mythical Ulzuin's chestguard
Mythical Voidwhisper band
Mythical Wrath of the Ascendant
Feralmane legplates
Mythical Rune armor of Ignaffar
Mythical Gaunlets of Ignaffar
Dagallon’s annihilator
Mythical Fiendflesh mantle
Mythical Fiendflesh greaves
Mythical Wildblood crusher
Mythical Phantom-thread girdle
Mythical Voidwalker footpads
Mythical Arcanor, blade of the luminari
Mythical Contagion
Mythical Mark of the dreadblade
Mythical Mindwarp
Mythical Deathbound amethyst
Mythical Rotdrinker crest
Mythical Serenir’s commendation
Mythical Gildam arcanum commendation
Mythical Death omen
Mythical Iskandra’s vestments
Divine raiment
Runebinder’s armor
Mythical Divinesteel hauberk
Mythical Dread knight’s legplates
Mythical Beastcaller’s shoulderpads
Mythical Boneweave leggings
Mythical Harbinger’s grasp
Mythical Riftwarded grasp
Mythical Scales of beronath
Mythical Voidwhisper band
Mythical Codex of Agrivix
Mythical Mantle of Agrivix
Mythical Boneshatter treads
Mythical Stormcage legguards
Mythical Hellborne
Mythical Aethereach
Mythical Voidsteel gaunlets
Mythical Ultos’ stormseeker
Mythical Touch of the everliving grove
Mythical Bane of winter king
Mythical Codex of lies
Mythical Nightshade’s reach
Mythical Overlord’s iron grip
Krieg's mask
Mythical Infernal knight's girdle
Deathguard mantle
Mythical Wildshorn legguards
Mythical Blade of the black flame
Mythical Thorn Girdle of the misty glade
Mythical Vestments of the great guardian
Amarastan crusher
Mythical Dawnbreaker's shoulderguard
Mythical Dawnbreaker's duty
Mythical Iskandra's vestments
Mythical Wildblood girdle
Mythical Agony
Mythical reaper of the accursed
Mythical timewarped walkers
Mythical Fateweaver's mantle
Mythical Raka'jax
Mythical tainted ruby of gar'dal
Mythical sigil of the bear king
Embercore shoulderguards
Mythical veilpiercer
Mythical Bloodfury spaulders
Mythical legwraps of the tranquil mind

My steam id: nazh202[/B]

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Default Lokarrs boots

Looking for lokarrs boots. please message on steam: tyorke1
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Mythical Bloodrager Shoulderguards
Mythical Crimson Claws

Any other bleed warder items.

PM me, let's make a deal!
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Cutthroat Rylok Crest of Amarasta's Flurry

Will give 10 mil bits, 50 blooms and 10 legos for it.
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Default LF

Looking for Shar'Zul's Worldeater and Korvaak's Deception
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Hello everyone. I am looking for:

Mythical Cord of Violent Decay
I have some mythical. Let me know in pm or reply if you have any of the item set. Thank you!
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Default Trade with me please

Hi, I am hoping to trade!
I need:
Cataclysm's Catalyst
Mythical Open Hand of Mercy
Mythical Closed Fist of Vengeance
Allagast's Stormgem

Mythical Tempest Sigil
Mythical Starfire
Eternity Relic
- can someone craft this for me if I provide material?
Please pm me on here, alternatively my steam account:
kaikun326 - I can't post link, I can't pm people because my post count < 3 (fml)

What I have:
Mythical Dreadscorcher
Mythical Deviltongue
Quillthrower of Dreeg
The Northern Wyrm
Infernal Brimstone
Withing Hour

Mythical Chillborer
Mythical Nar's Arcane Destroyer
Mythical Plagueborne Revolver
Mythical Soulflayer
Mythical Sparkbolt Arbalest
Mythical Witchstalker
Mythical Hound's Bite
Mythical Sparkstone Scepter
Mythical Conduit
Stormlauncher of Ultos
Mythical Razor of the Blind Assassin

Mythical Reaper of the Accursed
Mythical Tome of Names
Codex of Eternal Storm
Codex of Lies
Reaper of the Accursed
Mythical Tome of Frigid Winds
Aldanar's Vanity

The Untouchable
Zolhan's Revenge

Mythical Blazeguard Arbiter
Mythical Crest of the Black Legion
Mythical Dawnshard Bulwark

Mythical Ultos' Spaulders
Embercore Shoulderguard
Bloodfury Spaulders

Mythical Chillmane mantle
Mythical Unholy Mantle of the Covenant

Mythical Touch of the Everliving Grove
Viperfang Grips
Mythical Grasp of Unchained Might
Overlord's Iron Grip
Handguards of Justice

Mythical Thundertouch Bracers

Mythical Rune Armor of Ignaffar
Mythical Dawnguard Plate

Deathwhisper Leggings
Mythical Wendigomane Leggings

Mythical Bladeguard Leggings
Mythical Runeward Leggings
Mythical Soiled Trousers

Mythical Wraithwalkers
Mythical Fielndflesh Greaves
Golemborn Greaves
Greaves of Ill Omens

Mythical Dreanought Footpads
Mythical Molten Walkers
Mythical Bloodhound Greaves
Mythical Serpentine Wraps
Mythical Serpentine Wraps

Mythical Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade
Mythical Cord of Violent Decay
Mythical Arcanoweave Cord
Infernal Knight's Girdle
Cord of Deception
Tinker's Ingenuity

Mythical Bloodbathed Links
Mythical Chthonian Tread Sash

Mythical Terror of the Grove
Mythical Eye of the Beholder
Horns of Ekket'Zul


Mythical Heart of the Mountain
Mythical Undying Oath
Mythical Entropic Coil
Mythical Soulcatcher
Mythical Will of Bysmiel
Mythical Gildam Arcanum Commendation
Signet of the Fallen
Screams of the Aether
Beastcaller's Talisman
Avatar of Mercy
Stormseer Sapphire

Mythical Myrmidon Revered Star
Mythical Black Star of Deceit

Skeleton Key
Empowered Skyshard Spellblade
Blueprint: Stormherald's Visage
Blueprint: Mythical Armarastan's Sigil
Relic-Ulzuin's Pyroclasm

Please pm me on here, alternatively my steam account:
kaikun326 - I can't post link, I can't pm people because my post count < 3 (fml)

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