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Old 03-09-2018, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Mitzuki View Post

Been testing this build and a played around with a few variations as well, but got some problems with it. (this is my first character, with ~2 days playtime).

This build is slaughtering thrash mobs and small elite /boss packs, but I got problems against bosses with huge HP bars, but does not allow me to kite efficiently, nor do I have any high single target DPS.

Any suggestion on how to improve against bosses?
Current setup: grimtools.com/calc/YVWqPo7N
# not 3 points on forum yet.
How do you time your time dilation?

You can:
1. Let Blast shield proc by getting hit. After it ends Mirror+Ct TD proc , Mirror again after it ends. Now Blast shild should be just ~2 secs away from being able to proc again. Rinse and repeat.

2. Pretty much the same but you do 2x mirror first then Blast shild, then 2x mirror etc.

Get a helm with CDR if you can. It matters so much. This build never needs to kite, especially in campaign. If you ever get Eternity relic you will be God basically.

Lifesteal: i'd move Flame torrent to AAR and put restless remains on gloves asap!

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Old 03-13-2018, 12:40 AM
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Was lucky enough to get a mythical warpfire, really helped out on the overall DPS. grimtools.com/calc/M2g00x7V
Now working levling an alt to ultimate, so I can grab Outcast's Secret. I sided with the faction on my main, so unable to get it unless I'm really lucky in crucible. Until then, I'll stick with my Maw of Despair or any other drop that has cooldown reduction. Still looking for Eternity blueprint to drop as well

Few follow up questions:

As for time dilation, I use it in two scenarios.
* If damage is high, i use it to reset Mirror
* If I can take the damage, I use it to reset Devestation¨
- I'll try to keep an eye on blast shield. With this done right, is it enough to facetank nemesis or celestials?

Thanks for the tip about restless remains, but is it worth replacing Enchanted Earth?

AAR seems to consume a lot of energy, worth replacing mines for it?
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Old 03-14-2018, 04:07 PM
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Default Outcast Secret

How long did it take you to get Outcast Secret?

I've done like 200 runs and all I goit was 12 Outcast Hoods and ZERO Outcast secrets.. :S

I even gave up the game for a month because I was sick of farming the same content over and over again without any luck (Anasteria, Teranox, Iron Maiden)..
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Old 03-14-2018, 07:53 PM
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I got outcast's secret on 2nd try.
Edit: and another one dropped in Crucible -_-

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Old 03-14-2018, 08:03 PM
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Congratulations! The the Cairn gods of RNG were smiling down on you.
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