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More example images of the affix's, see posts above for other pictures.

Resistances on self simply add 100 to resistance of that element, and 100% more to the modifier, making them essentially immune. Basic enemies will only have 1 of these, champions and bosses may have multiple, especially later in the game.

The aura adds resistances to the element, and adds base damage of that element, as well as buffing any current damage and resistances of that type by 100%. Multiple different aura types will affect the same units, so they could have a fire aura and cold aura at the same time, if 2 different champions are present that each contains one aura each. However, they will not stack if 2 of the same type are present. Auras glow under their feet, whereas basic resistance on self is seen as a glow around the entire self, as seen in other images.
Also when im hit by a monster who has this aura, you will see an effect on me.
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Small update, hate going silent when people are waiting on me lol. Before I start, there is no tldr, and a lot of this is written from a brainstorming development point of view and my mind is very analytical and ocd (I studied psych with crim, and comp sci at uni so). I have played rpgs and rguelikes for 20 years, so I daydream of recreating in depth procedurally generated content. Also im surprisingly terrible at grammar and writing, deal with it.

Ok first, stomach problem appears to be stomach ulcers (again, yay). They are somewhat under control now, but eating is a pain, literally.. And the sickly feeling comes and goes at random.

My fiance has also been taken to hospital for an operation, can't go into detail but we lost our kid earlier this year, and had a miscarriage (so 2 lost). Probably why I got stomach ulcers from the trauma and the operation is to help us try again. Sorry if this is personal, but its easier to explain than just say family problems, and I am not saying it for sympathy, its clearly had a major effect on me regardless of what anyone else says.

So with that in mind the mod has slowed somewhat, but again its a good vessel for my stress. I have been working on the affix's for the enemies slowly, and I have a system in place that seems to work. Been having issues trying to figure out exactly where certain monsters spawn, the spawn pools have about as much description as a 5 year olds drawing. Not sure why the devs felt the need to not add any description tag at all to where each spawn is, and opening the map to try and find each spawn is a non option since it does not open, I would need to completely unzip everything from the base game and expansion, reset my working folders and mods and start from scratch just to get the map to open. I may do this in a separate install of the game, but it will take hours, il leave it open as a possibility.

At the moment im literally guessing where each spawn pool is on the map, for example there are something like 12 zombie pools, all with the same damn zombies as each other, but located in different parts of the map (like zombie_n, zombie_t, the difference between them? Not a damn clue. If I only want to change one of these pools to contain a boss, I have to try and test all 12 and see what changes, god knows how the dev team managed to work like this, unless a single person did all the pools and couldn't be bothered to describe anything they were doing. This is the same for every monster in the game, which is why most mods will try and steer away from using the proxy pools if possible, at least you know now

Now the rant is over, what im currently doing aside from trying to look after my fiance is add my enemy affix to the right pools, and add the description tags to each, and the names to each monster so it shows like the pictures I listed in previous posts. Such as Zombie ~ Slow. What this will do is randomise pools of enemies, like 5 enemies with 1 champion in this location, but the champion is random and effects those surrounding it. Again replay-ability is the aim here. This means I have to literally make hundreds, maybe thousands of different ones. But I think its certainly going to be a blast once its done. I have brainstormed some cool affix's that will be fun to experience, although I will not tell you exactly what they do, as its fun to experience (unless people do get stuck on them ofc). Lets just say some of them will be like the first time you encounter a boss in dark souls, or roguelikes, you will die and you will try and figure it out, then you will realise you were doing it wrong all along. Others will be like when you find a treasure goblin in diablo 3, your eyes will light up and you will chase that mother and probably die trying, but the reward will be like christmas.

I have also decided to attempt to do what Wanez mod does with regards to certain factions spawning boss monsters when they die, this will be a very small chance (say 1% or less, more for champions). These bosses will be titled as Secret FactionName ~ MonsterName and eventually will drop a unique treasure chest that gives special items only available from these (this will add to the endgame content somewhat as you need to farm for them). It may be like nemesis bosses, but random for attacking that faction regardless of how hated you are with them. If I can figure it out, I may add unique materials that they drop, then use these to craft special runes or something (similar to Heartsouls in titan quest legion of champions mod). So they will give access to special skills, or buff other skills in a unique way that is only available this way. In the end this game neds more endgame, and thats part of what this mod will aim to do. So essentially you will be fighting zombies, then a big mother will appear and charge you and suddenly your instincts kick in as its now life or death, and you know the reward is treasure unlike anything else.

Talking about the endgame, I would like to try and create a random dungeon system if possible, this is merely brainstorming at this stage (so don't take this as certain), and will not come till way later if I can figure it out. But in essence it will be diablo 1 style, or roguelike style. So you get to a building, enter it and you are on floor 1, get to the end of this floor and enter floor 2 via a portal, this portal will appear to take you to the next floor as far as the player is concerned, but behind the scenes its a completely seperate map for each floor with LUA tags that spawn the player in that map, if you die you have to start from the beginning. This simple idea could be a great addition to the game as you could make the enemies procedurally generated, as well as the layout somewhat, there are proxy pools for scenery that essentially work as XOR tags, so spawn this chest or this item, spawn this door or this door.

With this, it may be possible to create a system like diablo 2 that essentially uses rooms as these scenery items, and have open doors and tunnels and arches as a way of going into them. Then make spawn pools inside them that again are random, maybe LUA script to test what room is present then switch the spawning mechanic to be based on that? Again this is very early brainstorming days, but its nice to write down for future purposes and ideas. I do not know LUA, but I did comp sci at uni, so if needed I could look over other mods and reverse engineer how they do things, can't imagine it would be too hard.

So with that huge text wall out of the way, that's where this mod is, I will not write a tldr, if you can't be bothered to read, why are you in a mod forum looking for information on a mods progress
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i'm sorry to hear about your lost. God has everything under control and you will see your children again.
I look forward to playing the full version of your mod but not at the expense of your health and well being, so take your time.
Thanks again for sharing and God bless you and your family.

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Thank you for your kind words, means a lot.
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