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Post Loot drop tables broken?


So I've noticed what appears to be some significantly odd behavior in the legendary drop rates on my Steam account. What I've noticed is that the same items keep dropping over and over in direct contradiction to common sense, even within the standpoint of RNG games. For example, I have 11 Havocs, 7 Deviltongues, 7 Blood Orbs of Ch'Thon, 12! Wyrmscale Footguards, 11! Stonefist Rebukes, etc. At the bottom of this post I'm appending the complete list of my legendary drops, without counting heads/accessories (its long). What I'm wondering is whether other players are experiencing the same behavior, and what might explain it. I've got 1400 hrs in this game, so a pretty extensive data set to extrapolate from. I've played through about 8 different characters, some of whom I just finished Ultimate Log, others that I've extensively farmed on (Nemesis spawns etc.). Currently the failure of some degree of varied drops is really holding me back and keeping me from wanting to play this game any further. Is this normal?

Legendary List:
2H Ranged
Quillthrower of Dreeg X5
Silverbolt x6
Northern Wyrm x2
Vortex of Souls x3
Hellborne x9
Witching Hour x3
The Adversary x2
Ulzuins Flamespreader x1
Gutripper x1
Harbinger of Eternal Suffering x1

1H Ranged
Barrelsmith's Crossfire x3
Barrelsmiths Salvo x4
Deathdealer's Sidearm x2
Demonslayer's Lifeender x 6
Deviltongue x7
Exonerator x4
Exterminus x4
Havoc x11

Caster Offhands
Blood Orb of C'thon x7
Codex of Agrivix
Codex of Lies x5
Consumption of Agrivix x3
Invoker's Blaze x3
Iskandra's Texts x1
Orb of the Black Flame x4
Speaker of the Dead x3
Tome of the Arcane Wastes x2
Tome of Names x5

Aldanar's Vanity x2
Black Scourge x3
Clairvoyant's Wand x3
Fiend's Resolve x5

Boneshatter Treads x5
Earthshatter Treads x3
Footpads of the Grey Magi x6
Golemborn Greaves x6
Stormtitan Treads x4
Venomspine Greaves x4
Voidwalker Footpads x7
Windshear Greaves x6
Wraithwalkers x4
Wyrmscale Footguards x12

Aetherreach x4
Bonescaver's Deathgrips x3
Colossal Grasp x2
Grasp of Unchained Might x6
Handguards of Justice x5
Harbinger's Grasp x4
Iceskorn Talons x2
Touch of the Everliving Grove x4
Viperfang Grips x2
Voidsteel Gauntlets x7
Wyrmbone Handguards x3

Bloodrager's Coat x1
Chestguard of Justice x2
Deathmarked Jacket x1
Devil's Cage Hauberk x4
Divinesteel Hauberk x2
Dread Armour of Azragor x3
Fiendmaster Rainment x3
Fiendscale Jacket x3
Frostdread Cuirass x6
Light's Defender Plate x2
Markovian's Platemail x1
Shroud of Illusion x5
Trozan's Vestments x1
Ulzuin's Chestguard x1
Valdun's Jacket x2
Vestment's of Agrivix x1
Vestment's of the Great Guardian x3
Warborn Chestguard x3

Arcane Harmony Leggings x1
Boneweave Leggings x3
Chausses of Barbaros x3
Demonbone Legplates x4
Fateweaver's Leggings x1
Hellforged Legplates x2
Stormcage Legguards x2
Thornhide Legguards x3
Wildshorn Legguards x1
Wraithborne Legwraps x5

Beastcaller's Shoulderpads x2
Bloodfury Spaulders x2
Bloodrager's Shoulderguard x1
Divinesteel Shoulderguard x2
Iskandra's Pauldrons x1
Light Defender's Epaulets x1
Markovian's Vanguard x3
Titan Pauldrons x6
Trozan's Mantle x1
Wildblood Mantle x1

Blade Breaker Sash x1
Boneweave Girdle x4
Girdle of Stolen Dreams x2
Guthook Belt x5
Hammerfall Girdle x4
Phantom-Thread Girdle x2
Sash of the Bloodlord x1
Sash of the Immortal Sage x1
Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade x2
Wildblood Girdle x2

2hand Melee
Bane of Winter King x1
Infernal Brimstone x1
Nightshade's Reach x3
Obsidian Juggernaught x2
Stonefist Rebuke x11
Stormreaver x5
The Guillotine x4
Ultos' Stormseeker x2
Wildblood Crusher x4


Dawnbreaker's Duty x3
Markovian's Bulwark x1
Meat Shield x4
Skyreach Bulwark x9
The Final Stop x1
The Untouchable x2
Zolhan's Revenge x8

1 Hand Axes
Brutallax x10
Butcher of Burrwitch x2
Crescent Moon x6
Earthsplitter x3

1 Hand Maces
Agony x5
Dawnbreaker's Sledge x4
Death Omen x3
Fist of the Venomblade x3
Plaguebearer of Dreeg x2
Warborn Gavel x1

1 Hand Swords
Bloodsong x2
Crimson Spike x8
Crystallum x3
Deathmarked Claw x1
Grim Fate x5
Mindwarp x1
Nex x3
Razor of the Venomblade x1
Reaver's Claw x2

Blade of the Black Flame x1
Dracarris x1
Fang of Ch'thon x1
Shard of Asterkarn x2
Temporal Tempest x5
Warpfire x2
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I didn't compare everything on your list with the data from the game, but 1H and 2H ranged seem consistent with the weighting for the involved items. Keep in mind that between sessions, the RNG essentially gets 'reset', so previous drops are irrelevant in determining what you'll get next.

Consult here for comparing droprates of legendary items: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ss...les_output.txt

I'd just ctrl+f some item to find it quicker and then poke around what's in the vicinity.
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Ahhh so basically legendary drop rates are not consistent across the entire loot table? Interesting. I did not know that. It has been incredibly frustrating to get complete legendary sets after getting yet *ANOTHER* Stonefist Rebuke Thanks, this is helpful.
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Originally Posted by Blayke View Post
Ahhh so basically legendary drop rates are not consistent across the entire loot table?
Not just legendary, every single item has its own individual drop weighting
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