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Gee Grava, so busy answering chat questions on the live stream you missed Faldis in his house, both shrines and talking to the Spirit Guide for more XP. Also missed that nice little lore note in the corner of the prison by the bridge to Lower Crossing.

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Originally Posted by Dikkiedik View Post
what is "soon" if it was post haste I would be even more suspicious

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Originally Posted by Ceno View Post
i am gonna slap those bugs, if i ever find them
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Originally Posted by Dikkiedik View Post
i am gonna slap those bugs, if i ever find them
You should really stomp on them, slapping them might only stun it for a moment
Originally Posted by Zantai View Post
It's so hard to read the text through all this silk...
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Can I become a tester? Only 932 hours in this game And i have a month free.. soooo, pretty please
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Im curious as to how they pick the testers, i know most of the praetorians have been here since the early days. Ive been here since 2013 myself, im not as vocal as a lot of the other guys but i know testers like Dikkie and Nine, now Ceno etc are good at what they do so i can see why they get the rank and the chance to test early content. I still remember the days of when all we had was Act 1 warden runs and nightblade wasn't even released yet.... the good days!

PS: Hopefully Med/Arthur will do some more interviews as the expansion progresses, kinda like when he did the interview with Kripparian and he brought up a lot of cool bits about the time.
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