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aight ill be posting this weekend as i'm rather busy atm but will do!
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Heaven review


Like previous installements, Heaven units are all about defense and pretty much outlasting your opponent.

But in this heroes, positionning of units is WAYYYYY more important than anything else, you want to place your units carefully, and you want to funnel and have the enemy move where YOU want them to be.

Heaven troops have high defense and really high morale, if you spec your hero to give them an even bigger boost pretty much all of your units will get morale bonus and act twice upon every turn.

As for magics, i suggest going for anything that regenerates heals and empowers your units defense, thats where you excel.
Sure you can go out and try damage but you have big gap to fill to increase your advantage.

My personal tip, roll a magic hero, why? its tears and blood bonus are far more efficient that its might counterpart!


Core Units


1 hex, melee

What does it do? one word, tank.

He has two main abilities that makes him vital for survival,
1 - Shieldguard, basicly what it does, is any allied unit in an adjacent tile (the 8 tiles around him) take just about 50% less damage and the other 50% damage is transfered to the praetorian. That applies to attacks as well as retaliation.
The shielded units also take less damage from ranged attacks, that effect remains active until the praetorian leaves the tile next to that unit.

2- Shield Bash, if an ally has been hit in a tile next to the praetorian (pretty much means a unit with the shieldguard bonus active) and the praetorian is in range of the enemy, he will always attack that enemy even if the praetorian has already spent his retaliation on that turn.
He may not deal alot of damage, but that attack he does cannot be retaliated, so that helps alot :P


takes 1 hex, ranged full range

Thats where positionning comes in handy
The crossbowman has two abilities in his arcenal

1- Armor piercing, it pretty much says it all, he ignores a portion of the armor of the opponent :P

2- Piercing Bolt, you better place your units carefully or you'll regret your crossbowman, basicly the crossbowman's attack is a straight line that will go through every unit, if you do not position well you will either have to not attack or hit one of your unit, you want neither to happen as end game.. he deals a buttload of damage.
That is also why you want your enemy in line so he suffers even more


takes 1 hex, melee

Support written all over it, she deals alot of damage for a core unit but, her abilities are too efficient to use it as an offensive unit.

1- Heal, it scales with how much creatures she has in her stack, so end game, she may heal for up to 100 units.. shit even more. that ability can also be used on some enemy units such as undeads to deal damage.. same ammount of damage dealt as if it was healed, so comes in pretty handy.
In one combat she may use that ability 3 times only.

2- Pacification, though it is not 100% chance it is nearly 75%, any unit she hits cannot act on its next turn unless the unit was hit again or the effect dispelled.
Thats where having high morale comes in handy, basicly if the opponent is near, she can disable two of his units every turn, and you can focus more on the one you want to kill.

Elite units

Imperial Griffin

4 hex, melee

High mobility unit, which left untoutched can be the bane of your combat, and if attacked, will always bloody retaliate.

1 - Unlimited retaliation, do i need to say more? waste your attacks on it and it'll get healed by that bloody sister -_-

2- Diving assault, 2 turns cooldown, like in other games, the griffin hops in the sky and damages for normal damage all units in a line 2 hex wide. Having high morale makes it highly useful since the griffin has to "waste" one turn to cast that ability, morale bonus acts counts

Blazing Glory

1 hex, melee, magical unit

Highly mobile unit which will act differently depending on who it is fighting against

1 - Speed of light, pretty much harpies in any other heroes, they hit and run back without being hit, they dont deal that much damage, so depends on what you're facing, great against ranged units and sieging castle walls.

2- Cleansing Light, that is where it shines, if an allied unit is inflicted with a debuff, if the blazing glory "blinks" next to it, it will dispell all negative effect on that unit, so you may find only using that advantage rather than trying to deal damage with it, because ....

3- Searing Light, any units that strikes the blazing glory will receive about 50% of the damage delt to it on themselves. So if on top of that your hero is a mage and has casted mirror on it, the unit that attaks the blazing glory can take up to 125% damage it has dealt to it...
To make matters worse, that sister can cause you a pain :P.
Note that this ability will only work against melee characters, so if you're facing one, kill it with ranged attacks

Sun crusader

4 hex, melee

Tbh rather slow, compared to all other champions in the heroes series, it can only travel 3/4th of the battlefield.

Imo the most useless unit :P

1- Charge, the sun crusader has a bonus of 2% damage for each tiles crossed before attacking, too low of a bonus to even matter.

2- Blinding Charge, though it may be a bug, it has yet to proc for me, but apparently it can blind opponents, if it does then it may be useful.

3- Sun Steed, that is by far one of the cool abilities, though it may be weak since the unit does no damage, it is highly useful especially in siege.
Basicly the sun crusader cannot be blocked by units, obstacles, walls. when it is using that ability, the sun steed will pass through anything and attack its prey, very useful for sieges.

Champion unit


4 hex, melee

at the beginning of the combat, its meh, at the end, run for your life

1- Blade of Judgment, the damage dealt by the enemy units to you makes the celestial mad! basicly what it does, is the more an opponent dealt damage to your units, the stronger the celestial gets against that unit. Can be very very useful esp against sanctuary's Kenshi.

2- Absolute Purity, immune to all debuff, no need to say more :P

3- Blade of Epiphany, basicly the heal of a sister, but "weaker" its main advantage is that it can ressurect fallen allies, can be very useful.
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Sanctuary review


Sanctuary sanctuary sanctuary.. god i love them haha
The sanctuary core spell is filled the same way as any other racial spells, in this case, the more filled the grater the effect.
all units are awarded with might and magic defense, effects stacks, me likey

Sanctuary are a bunch of bastards, they focus on taking down single prey and are HIGHLY mobile, they can pretty much kill two of your stacks before you even act, they have HIGH initiative and i REALLY suggest going for as much morale as you can shove down their throat.

The downfall of the race? insanely expensive units, aside from that... yeah :P

All the units from the arsenal have the following effect on them

1- Resistance to water, says it all, do i need to say more?

2- Weakness to air.. moving on

3- Amphibian, all units are immune to movement impairing effects from the water school... and.. if the hero is a sanctuary hero and carries only sanctuary units... he can travel over water.. boats? fuck that

with high enough morale, your opponents will never reach your ranged units, as simple as that :P


Core Units


1 hex, melee

A pretty straightfoward unit, mostly used for defense as it is the slowest unit you have, fairly powerful, but not on the 1st attack it does, only on those after

1 - Ferocious wound, the target of the shark warrior will receive periodic damage based on the might of your unit, it sticks on the unit for quite a few turns, deals minor damage but...

2- Bloof frenzy, the shark warrior receives bonus damage on any target affected by ferocious wound, and it is a significant increase, 10-15%.. on top of the damage the ferocious wound does

Pearl Priestess

takes 1 hex, ranged half range

The pearl priestess... a bitch really, her heal is, by itself weaker than the heal of the specter / sister... but.. instad of being an instant heal, it is a freaking regeneration.. so overall that spell is about 2 times stronger than their counterparts, the downfall being it is an effect and can be dispelled...

1- Eye of the medusa, All attack she does reduces the initiative of the targeted unit on top of dealing damage, so instead of going for damage, she often goes for the one with highest initiative to make it so they attack later during the turn

2- Waves of renewal, her bloody regen spell. Can be cast 3 times

Kappa Shoya

takes 1 hex, melee

a unit which seems weak at first.. but fuck be ready to have it in your face in its 1st turn. deals raw damage but... it also has a quite intresting skill

1- Crashing leap, the kappa jumps , worst animaton ever btw haha, can pass over any obstacle, any unit, the range of the jump is twice of the kappa's natural movement, it also deals water damage to the target equal to the normal kappa's attack minus the water resistance of the target,
it also cannot be retaliated and will deal damage in a 3x3 hex around the kappa... has 2 turns cooldown, so you'll find him jumping around all the time... annoying really

Elite units

Mizu Kami

1 hex, melee

Though it is currently bugged, once it works, this is gona be one of the fight changing unit, it has mainly a few abilities.. but they all stand out

1- Lifeguard mambrance, reduced damage coming from all types of attacks

2- Spirit form, reduced damage coming from all types of attacks, effect is cast every turn until she acts

3- Pain mirror, like the blazing glory she reflects about 25-50% of the damage she received to the enemy that has attacked her

4- Spirit bond, currently bugged. Only one unit can be affected by spirit bond. basicly what this is supposed to do is that, the Mizu and the targeted unit both share the same bonus spells.
So if this is cast on a unit, and either of the two receive a regeneration buff, both of them gets it.
The targeted unit is also affected by pain mirror... so if on top of that you add the pain mirror spell from the light book... both of your unit receive the effect and both of them return 100-125% of the damage dealt to them... hope for their sake they have dispell once that spell is working.

Yuki Onna

1 hex, ranged, full range

Higly annoying to face, she daels alot of damage, and she also inflicts chilled on her target

1 - Frozen caress, any unit she attacks receives the chilled effect, which increases the damage it receives from various spells and attacks, as if it wasnt enough...

2- Ice shards, She creates a 3x3 trap on the battlefield that deals damage depending on the magic power of the maiden (can mean up to 150 damage on a core unit and.. potentially even more).
None of your units are affected by the trap, chilled targets receive bonus damage from the trap


4 hex, melee

i had just had a boner, sorry.
This bastard should be entitled the champion title, with high morale, he will slay pretty much any of your units in one turn.

1- Challenge, only one unit can be challenged at a time. the challenged unit deals less damage to all other units if it chooses to ignore the challenge, but still deals normal damage on the kensei

2- Battle ready, pretty much unlimited retaliation

3- Four waves, this is... insane, every time the kensei attacks the challenged unit (can be on a unchallenged foe but.. you wont do that anyway) he receives a bonus attack against that unit, stacks up to 3 times, but the damage is reduced on the following attacks.
Retalation attack from the kensei are registered to the current four wave stack.
So basicly the first time the kensei attacks, he deals normal damage once
2nd time the kensei attacks he will attack once at normal damage and a 2nd time at reduced damage
3rd time the kensei attacks he will attack once at normal damage, a 2nd time at reduced damage and a 3rd time at reduced damage..
With high morale, in its first turn he can stack up his 3 attacks.. with high dynasty (luck) he will always deal normal damage and on its 1st attack 150%... yeah you better pray for mercy from this bastard.

Champion unit

Sacred kirin

4 hex, melee

By itself, it deals alot of damage is rather a force to rekon with, but... really its best use is support, which is odd to say about the champion unit of any race.

1- Spirit form, reduced damage from all incoming nature until the creature acts

2- Water flows freely, the kirin is immune to movement impairing effects as well as initiative imparing effects.. so pretty much the kirin acts 1st on ever fight

3- Hailstorm Aura, the Kirin deals water damage on top of its water damage and the target is affected by the frozen debuff

4- Trail of clouds, this ought to be the best ability all around.
When the kirin travels around, he leaves behind him a trail of coulds that remains until it has been crossed.
When enemies cross the trail, their turn ends unless they are immune to movement impariring effects or if they flew through it
When an allied unit crossed through the trail, they get a bonus action during that turn... do i need to say more? remember the previous units above? yeah pair em with this high morale high initiative and destiny...
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Stronghold review


Sheer strenght
Thats pretty much the main focus of your army, outlasting? no, abilities? not really... killing? that they are AMAZING at it.

A stack half the size of lets say centaurs will probably wipe out for instance a vampire.

They are quite simply the best damage dealers in game, and thats pretty much all of their units but one.

If what you're looking for is just not really bothering about tactics, positionning, supportive magic and all that nonsens, well stronghold is for you!

All units (not including harpy / centaur ) are affected by the following

1- Demonic Lineage, all of your units have a slight resistance to fire magic and a slight weakness to light magic. if you are a light magic stronghold hero, you will be able to either heal your stronghold units or damage the enemy stronhold units.
Think of em as the neutral faction.. heal damages inferno and necro, a bit stronghold, not at all heaven / sanc

With this race, i see the first reason to roll a might hero... other races.. not so much


Core Units


1 hex, melee

I think i'll be saying that often but.. god this bastard hurts. He is pretty much on par in strenght with other core units.. well at first glance, but as soon as bloodrage amasses and once hes upgraded.. yeah.. core units damage wise have got nothing on him.

1- Assault, he attacks twice on every attack, once on retaliation.. it hurts

2- Shielded, reduced damage from incoming range attacks

3- Taste of blood, it increases the damage of the crusher everytime he hits, or is hit, up to a certain ammount of times, does not seem to be a static number, grows with the creature growth... so yeah in high numbers hes a pain in the ass even for champion units.

Goblin Hunter

takes 1 hex, ranged half range

Goblin, an ok unit which resolves around hitting the snared opponents. with his half range, he does reasonable damage, but if he manages to land a proper trap, he will deal bonus damage against that foe.. in fact just about 50% stronger than his normal attacks .. so yeah worth it :P

1- Crippling traps, creates a 1x1 trap on the field which is triggered by the first opponent who walks on it, that opponent suffers from reduced move speed as well as a bit of damage.. and the globin hunter will be stronger against him

2- Vicious strike, increase damage in % against immobile opponents


takes 1 hex, melee

Your standard freaking annoying harpy of all HoMM... mostly annoying bc her animations are slow as hell, which annoys me, always ought to wait till she flies back to do any action -_-, though rather intresting to ahve in your arsenal!

1- No retaliation, yep

2- Strike and return, done moving on!

Dream Reaver

takes 1 hex, melee

A 4th core unit? yes... and this does not beling any higher

really imo the weakest of the bunch, he is rather strong on his own dont get me wrong but.. nothing near his counterparts.. plus when upgraded, his abiliy imo gets weaker..

1- Sky & earth, you can either target the enemy for a debuff of -1 initiative and -1 movement against all his units, or yours to cast a buff of +1 initiative and +1 movement on all of your units.
When non upgraded, you choose only 1 unit and make that buff, imo, more efficient as you give that single unit a bigger bonus or a bigger debuff.. thats just me though.

Elite units

Centaur Marauder

4 hex ranged, full range

Unless he is being cornered, and even then before you do so, he'll have killed enough unit to make himself worthwhile, hes a pretty damn strong opponent

For a ranged unit, he has a freaking HIGH attack power, and even if his stack is smaller than yours, he often will hit you much harder than you previously expected him to. be wary of this bastard.

1- Mobile Shooter, upon every turn, the centaur can move AND shoot, or just one of the two, in any order.

2- Manoeuvre, everytime he is attacked, if he has room to do so, he will walk away and retaliate by shooting at you, if he cannot run away he will simply shoot at you, the centaur has no real "melee" ability

3- Vigilant Scout, thats one fun ability, the first unit which moves "in range" (about 50% of the battle grid) will be shot by the centaur, a free shot pretty much!

Panther warrior

4 hex, melee

Fast hard hitting melee characted with.. a bugged ability haha

1- Feral charge, the panther warrior charges at an enemy, that attack cannot be retaliated and all adjacent enemies to the target will be hit.. currently bugged, or i am simply too stupid to get it to work

2- War fury, once it has dealt dammage, it is immune to morale debuff as well as mind control

Champion unit

Enraged cyclop

4 hex, melee or half ranged

Strong at ranged attacks, stronger at melee, stronger than any other units when it comes to killing structures and bloody faster than most units in game (travels across the battlefield in 1 turn)

1- Mighty slam, an attack which cannot be retaliated, will hit all targets in his swing range, an arc pretty much, but will only deal a "portion" of its normal damage in melee.
Small targets that only take 1 hex will also be pushed back 1 tile if they can be

2- Burning rage, his ranged attack, deals a portion of its normal damage as "normal damage" and the other portion is "fire damage" which then sets the opponent on fire and will damage him a bit every turn based on the magic power of the cyclop (near to nothing, so that damage over time wont turn the tide of battle)

3- Sunder, does 1 more damage to structural objects

4- Imprevious to pain, an intresting ability indeed, especially if your hero has the ability to give him another retaliation strike every turn.
What this does is that regardless of the damage you dealt, for instance the cyclop has 50 health, and you dealt 40 healt of damage to its stack in one turn.
The cyclop will only lose that 40 health once it is his turn to act, so until he does, he will remain at 50 health and retaliate at his full might
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Necropolis review


Necropolis gameplay changes quite a bit, especially with the new necromancy system.
In previous games necromancy was giving you units after every combat, mostly always skeletons.
In this heroes necromancy is the hero core spell, your units gather necromancy points during combat and when the spell is ready (has enough necromancy points) it can be used to either permenantly heal a unit or revive it.
Necromancy spell level depends on the level of your hero, it is not a skill which you can put points in, at level 2 (highest ive got) could raise exactly 151 iches from death, so it is fairly strong, as well as fairly easy to fill up.

Necromancer units are immune to the following effects, poison, disease, blind, mind and any influcence effect such as puppet master. being undead, they also receive bonus resistance to water spells.
Their morale is ALWAYS neutral cannot be boosted nor lowered, keep that in mind :P, and if you're facing a Heaven, you'll get wooped as they all suffer increased light damage.

Most units of the Necromancer arsenal are rather squishy and rely on their abilities to have the upper and, in a straight up fight, they prolly will end up losing, but if played well, it can be so they dont lose a single point of hp.

Necromancers also have excel at dark magic, i highly suggest going down that path, as you need your units to have as many support abilities as possible, trying to compensate for their weakness is a long shot, while having spells such as weakness, disruption, puppet mastery, terror will grant you the upper hand.

Necromancers have 3 ranged units and really revolves around keeping them alive and protecting them from harm


Core Units

Skeletal spearman

1 hex, ranged, half

The skeletal spearman is more or less nothing but a support ranged, he deals quite a lot of damage in close range, but the fact that he pretty much never gets full range (unless you've got the unicorn bow artefact) makes it so he is always attacking new target rather than focus on single targets.

1 - Hollow bones, being a skeleton, he receives less damage from ranged attacks, but it is low enough to where it is not a factor when the enemy is choosing a target

2- webbed spears, the skeletal spearman will inflict movement imparing effect on the target it attacks, this also affects the units on adjacent tiles, and may also affect your units if they are in range
Note that the damage itself is only on the target, BUT the effect can be spread to multiple targets

Ravenous ghoul

1 hex, melee

The underdog of the necromancer, he is slow, but efficient, he pretty much might not even get to your opponent, i personally used it to protect my ranged units as they were getting attacked

1- Dead flesh, pretty much the same as skeletal, though reduced damage against all might attacks

2- Rage against the living, aparently :P the ghoul receives bonus movement and damage against living targets, though i am unsure how it affects it. i was facing stronghold in that mission and not once did my ghoul seem to run further nor attack really stronger.. so yeah :P


takes 1 hex, melee

Support support support, like the sister she deals intresting damage but she is used to tank damage, and heal

1- Wail of the netherworld, basicly the same as the heal of the sister, about as strong, but it cannot be used on an enemy target to deal damage. instead when healing a given target, the more units are next to that target the stronger the heal will be.
It will also deal minor damage to all adjacent hostile targets, quite handy to have, can be used 3 times

2- Immaterial, reduces incoming might damage by 50% and can pass through units and obstacle, quite handy for sieging

3- Spirit form, reduced damage from all types of attacks, though minor %

4- Death seal, reduces healing to living targets that are next to the specter, minor % but every little bit helps right? :P

Elite units


1 hex, Ranged, full range

by far one of my fav units of the necropolis army. it is a really strong ranged unit and has abilities that can turn the tide of battle, literally.

1- Dark embrace, the attacked target of the lich will suffer reduced dark magic resistance, your dark magic spells were already strong.. enjoy it even more!

2- Life drain, this spell can either be a total bitch, or the thing that will grant you victory. it can be cast on any allied unit.
What it does is that, the target of the spells, when fighting enemies will either lose more hp or receive hp, how?
To simplify explanation lets say the target of the spell is the vampire.
Any allied unit next to the vampire that has suffered from damage, your vampire will also receive damage
Any enemy units that suffer from damage when standing next to the vampire, will heal the vampire.
So basicly can either make a unit invincible or dead in 1 turn, be careful :P

Putrid lamasu

4 hex, melee

It can deal alot of damage, though thats not why you're gonna use the lamasu, he will attack sure, but he will mostly always try and debuff the enemy, his magical effects can be dispelled.

1- Breath of worm, in a 3x3 hex, the putrid lamasu will reduce attack of the creature by 5 and defence of the creature by 5, this effect is a disease, and will spread from the contagious unit.
The target will also suffer minor earth damage as well as reduced earth resistance.

2- Aura of putrecence, any foes standing next to the putrid lamasu will suffer from readuced health, this is in % and varies btw 5 and 10% reduced total hp per stack.. alot of fun, position your lamasu next to what you want to kill!

Vampire lord

1 hex, melee

Compared to the other vampires in previous installement he may seem weak, but used carefully hes scary as hell.. and hes also jsut about the coolest unit in all of heroes 6 haha

1- Vampiric embrace, like other vampire, each attack he does will drain hp, though it is not much. what you should do is further increase the power of your lord by giving him lifedrain spell (they do stack) as well as life drain from the lich, then you'll have something they will fear.

2- Out of time, when defending, the first attack, whatever the nature of that attack may be, will always fail... but honnestly how often do you defend with an offensive unit -_-

Champion unit

Fate weaver

4 hex, dual forms, melee OR full ranged

one hell of an intresting unit, she can either be melee or ranged, though the dual form spell is bugged as it lists that when casting it she "waits" and acts later during the turn, atm you switch and are able to attack right away.
Would be intresting to be able to select a form to start with but meh, she always starts as the "lady" form

in both form she has the spirit form ability which reduces incoming damage of all nature

1st form, Lady :
in this form, she is noting but a tank, she will deal fairly good damage, but where she shines is when she is the target of the enemy

1- Dance of decay, any enemy near the weaver will receive prime damage based on the total health of the stack in % and all the effects of the spells on them are hastened, how? it will basicly do a turn on that spell, so lets say you have decay on a unit, it will deal damage for a turn as if the unit had acted.

2- Blazeful Grace, any unit attacking the weaver will suffer from damage, which is about equal to 50% of the damage dealt

2nd form, Spider
In this form the becomes a ranged unit that has full range but my fav part is her ability.. simply marvelous.

1- Freezing web, can only be used once per combat, can be dispelled.
Any unit next to the weaver at the time of the cast will suffer a debuff that prevents them from acting for fucking 4 turns.. op much if you dont have dispell? yeah
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Inferno review


My all time worst and least fav race ... i thought it was going to change in Heroes VI but.. nope haha, anyway.

I feel they were dubbed down from Heroes V as you could abuse fire magic, in this one your units are simply resistant to it, not immune, very intresting to know :P

Most of their units have no real ability whatsoever, they rely on pure damage through the help of various magical effects as well as fire magic, never was a fan of them nor good with them, and it still is the same as it was.

Though if you manade to get armageddon (their ultimate spell) your opponents are in for a world of hurt.

Also your units rely on having high destiny and high luck, in order to dish out alot of damage, so keep that in mind.

Also keep in mind that none of their units have any regen whatsoever, they CAN be healed but none of your unit posess that ability

A few of their abilities are bugged and not working atm, we'll see how it turns out in the long run, but def not my fav race, that being said, lets take a look at those units.

note that they have no flyer, all are walkers, aside from succubi which will sit at start to dish out damage anyway and the pit lord which teleports

All of their units are affected by the following

1- Fireproof skin, which reduces damage taken from fire magic, not immune

2- weakness to light, says it all


Core Units


1 hex, melee

The demented early on is weak, but as the fight goes on (if he lives through it) he will get progressivly stronger, i suggest that you have another unit take the retalation hit then the demented should attack, as if he gets hit, he'll become useless fast.

1 - Twisted mind / soul, he is immune to morale imparing effects as well as mind effects

2- Maniac laughter,that is where he can become useful, if he is left untroutched and does not take the hit from retalations, he will gather strengh and defense (absorbs from the attacked unit) and become quite a pain


4 hex, melee

Fast unit that can hit all units in a front arc, as he is quick, he will mostly be used to go take on the ranged opponents.

1- Voracious, attacks all opponetns in a front arc

2- Eyes of gluttonry, all units that have previously attacked or received damage from the cerebrus suffer from a penality when facing that lovely dog, as they receive increased damage

3- Unlimited retalation


1 hex, ranged, full range

She has an ability which is quite useful though u will more than likely always be using her for offence as she can dish out quite alot of damage

1- Rapture of agony, melee attackers only deal 75% damage to her and the remaining 25% is dealt to themselves, rather handy for a ranged unit

2- Enthrall, one of the few abilities inferno has, a useful one at that, can be cast on nearly any unit and it disables that unit for 4 turns unless that unit has been hit, though so far... even if they are hit they dont react so :O

Elite units

Breeder Mother

4 hex, Ranged, Half range

my least fav unit out of the bunch, it seems REALLY underpowered compared to its companions, deals less damage than a lilim, has less health overall and only has half her range... you'd think its abilities would give him the upper hand as he is a tier higher but...
Also its animation does not seem to be done

1- Proliferation, the stack increases its number by a given % at the begining of combat, if the stack is higher than it was to start with, all units over the original stack are discarted. that seems to be bugged

2- Mana leech, does also seem to be bugged, or it is REALLY weak, when the breeder has been hit, she is supposed to restore some of your hero's mana by draining it from the opponent's hero


1 hex, melee

Now finally a useful unit, by itself its your standard fighter, but especially if you have its specification for your hero, he can cast a rather useful spell

1- Taste of pain, everytime your unit suffers from damage, its next attack becomes progressively stronger, by a small % but still it helps rather lot

2- Exploding spike, without the hero spec, it does a 3x3 hex around the lacerator, with the spec, it becomes 5x5, so potentially hits protected ranged units.
It deals about 75% of the lacerator normal damage and it cannot be retaliated, can be used about once every two turns


4 hex, melee

A quite strong foe, but, i beleive his taunting precence ability makes him worse, as, without it, he can dish out alot of damage, but all units are forced to focus him, and he dies rather quickly because of that, then your opponents can move on to other preys

1- Taunting precense, all units standing next to the ravager (within a 2 hex tile) are forced to either attack him or walk away further than those 2 tiles and attack something else

2- Organic armor, The unit is immune to any might, magic, attack and defence reducing effects.

3- Unstoppable charge, the ravager moves towards its opponent with determination and cannot be stopped, anything standing next to his path is damaged, friend or foe.
Cannot be retaliated, but it works oddly as you're never quite sure when you can really use it.
Maybe its me not toying around with it enough as when i got that unit i was already bored of infernos haha

Champion unit

Pir fiend

4 hex, Melee

Once all his abilities work, he'll be intresting, till then... meh, hes ok but def the weakest champion so far

1- Blinded by range, he is immune to any reducing effect and mind influence, which is always handy to have for a champion, he cannot suffer from puppet mastery

2- Blade of hatred, now that is a useful skill, any unit he hits (about 50% chance to proc) becomes enraged and for a turn they attack any unit they see. they will attack any unit that are next to them, friend or foe, so they may end up attacking pit, or an ally

3- Hateful retaliation, seems to be bugged currently else it would be pretty strong, all units that have attacked the pit lord are affected, and whenever the pit retaliates to any attack, he is supposed to deal fire damage to all units that have previously attacked him

4- Boundless Hate, casts as spell that can be used every two turns that hits all enemy units for fire damage, the fact that it hits all is fun, but it also means that it cannot be focused, and the damage is too spread to make any difference.
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I am quite interested in Necropolis so would you be able to create that review before the others?^^

Really thanks for taking your time.
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Aight, just finished with the sanctuary, nec next :P either 2night or 2morow!
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Only stronghold remaining!
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Looking forward to Heroes 6. Just scored Heroes 5 and all exp packs for like $4.00 from Steam sales.
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