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I really like the idea of the Relics and crafted the Calamity one as soon as i got the mats for it in act 1 but i have't been able to find ANY relics blueprints after the 3 u start with,and while i'm still on normal(lvl 37 i think) the drop rate of blueprints in general is quite low.(found maybe 3 outside of the quest rewards.)
So maybe the diff rating is the reason for the low drop,or i'm just really unlucky :s ...

Anyway, hope for more!!
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Are the Relics you are discovering interesting?
Yes, i find them a pretty sweet add-on to the game experience.
Does the rate at which you are discovering new Blueprints feel rewarding?
During my 100h+ of gameplay, i can say i've found arround 7-8(4 trans), not counting duplicates. So yeah, i feel that the drop rate is decent.
Are you finding the cost of crafting Relics to be an appropriate challenge? Are Tier 2 (Transcendent) Relics an appropriate cost for the power they provide?
Well, it is something that makes you play again, and again, and again. Because you really want that FKIN MANTICORE EYE, OR THAT BLOOD.... just joking with the rage ). I think the challenge is OK. What makes it more challenging is the fact that you need some other Emp Relics, to craft the Transcendent ones, and in most cases you don't have the recipes for those tinny little relics....
Any other thoughts?
Uhm... I love the game!

Keep on the good work, and ty!
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Tier 2 relics are extremely rare, not rewarding at all
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Keep in mind that there is still 2 more diffuculty levels to go, I suspect lv2 and up relics will be far more common when we get there.
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DW elemental dmg relic plz
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Originally Posted by kenotkd View Post
Tier 2 relics are extremely rare, not rewarding at all
Tier 2 you mean like Juggernaut?


With Menhir's Will and Guardian's Will it makes me almost immortal, if I am not completely overwhelmed by raising monsters, auras, caging etc.

The only real problem is (under a very rare circumstances) a room on 4th level of SoT, the first one on the right side. The boss who raises a tons of undead with a monstrosity which cage me / slow me / curse me / drain my health...
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We need more.
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After finishing 2 chars to (current) max lvl and quite some time farming I found exactly... 2 relic blueprints... (each character)
On the other hand I found 9x the witch stalker blueprint (or countless times the wyrmclaw but never the black grimoire). Again, per character.

Imagining I need sometimes 4 other relics to craft one tier 2 relic, let alone the one needed, it looks quite anticlimactic.

So right now, no, doesn't feel rewarding for me.
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I am having (and loving it) the feel that the game is tested out. The gear is very exciting with different useful mods. It is important that they are useful I hate like epic bows that do offensive ability (OA) in Titan Quest which in that game it was silly because OA did not affect bows in the game mechanics. I am not explaining this well but what I am saying is that I think the people who designed the gear have at least played the game and it is very interesting gear. I loved Titan Quest and I think both are good games. So far I like GD more.
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I've found loads of relics, and for those who're looking, try farming the troll at Smugglers Pass, and the Arkovian Undercity.

The problem I have with relics is that they often don't live up to their stats. For instance the Ancestor relic should have been a summoners dream but it turned out to be a great disappointment. Especially considering the iron it costs to craft one.
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