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Default Finding empowered relic blueprints

hey guys, just wondering what's the best way to find empowered relic blueprints for a high leveled character? tried looking at several vendors but can't find the one that i want.

i'm lvl 88 and i'm looking for glacier blueprint. thanks for any advice
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The rare goods vendor in Malmouth can sell low-tier relic blueprints I think?
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I have got quite a few relic blueprints, including glacier.

If you can´t get one from a vendor, add me on steam as tsuelue, I will give you mine. [ Yes for free.]

I just can´t seem to throw stuff away in GD... ^^
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They are also sold by vendors in the first three roque-like dungeons. The dual-wielding blueprints are sold by the quartermaster of DC. The blueprint for the Mistborn Talisman drops from Voldrak (boss in Smuggler's Pass) and Balegor (boss in East Marsh). And if you are playing with the expansion various new blueprints are sold by the quartermasters of DC, the Rovers, Homestead, the Black Legion and the Coven.

Edit: You need the one for Glacier, so try the roque-likes.
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