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looking for warborn visor blueprint,
if you can craft it we can trade i have bunch of legendary items.

ps > i do not have aom
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N00bWarrior N00bWarrior is offline
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im looking for:

tnx https://steamcommunity.com/id/GEAR4TH/
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Looking for these items:

Mythical Peerless Eye of Beronath
Mythical Belgothian's Sigil

Cutthroat Rylok Crest of Amarasta's Flurry
Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings

Let me know which items you need for trade and I can try and look if I have them! Send a dm/friend if you're interested thanks!

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/fauxie/

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Default Looking for

I'm looking for:
Lokarr's Boots
Lokarr's Mantle

Willing to trade for materials or buy with iron for a reasonable price.

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Default Looking for MI, need a "cheater"

Hi, after hours and hours of farming and crafting i give up on these 2 MI items :

Cutthroat Rylok Crest of Amarasta's Flurry
Stonehide Stoneplate Greaves of Kings

But still can't dl GD stash, i don't like the idea.
So, if anyone using this tool could trade me these two items, it would be wonderful, really, because i see no other option. Thank you by advance, i'll know how to be thankful.

(For the rolls, here's the well known build i'm aiming for) : https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4NOlrJP2

Contact me here : https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198155559811/
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maddoxean maddoxean is offline
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Default LF Conduit of Night Whispers, Rylok Crest

Hi all,

Currently lf:

Conduit of Night Whispers (blueprint)
Conduit of Night Whispers (bonus to chaos res and ring of steel)
Cutthroat's Rylok Crest of (any good offensive suffix) (can offer Alkamos' Touch of Anguish, Magelord Signet 27%conv and much more)
Mythical Blade Breaker Sash (max roll crit dmg and % OA)

Belgothian Slicer (good rolls)
Belgothian Armor (good rolls)
Belgothian Shoulderguards (good rolls)
Belgothian Mask (good rolls)
Belgothian Sigil (good rolls)

I accept iron/mats for most items too

I have:

Mythical Deathmarked Jacket (living armor)
Mythical Deathmarked Decapitator (seal of blades)
Mythical Deathmarked Claw (Shard of Beronath)
Mythical Deathmarked Hood
Mythical Deathmarked Shoulderguards (Sacred Plating)

I accept ironbits only for full set.


Avenger's Girdle (2)
Cataclysm's Pact
Darkblaze Ammo
Hammerfall Girdle
Lacerator Girdle
Stronghold Waistguard
Mythical Blade Breaker Sash
Mythical Boneweave Girdle
Mythical Cord of Deception
Mythical Infernal Knight's Girdle
Mythical Reforged Chains of Oleron

Mythical Spellbreaker Waistguard (2)
Mythical Spiritseeker Cord
Mythical Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade

Mythical Voidmancer's Cord (2)


Galewind Treads
Mythical Emberstone Treads
Mythical Fiendflesh Greaves
Mythical Golemborn Greaves
Mythical Greaves of Ill Omen

Mythical Molten Walkers
Mythical Runeguards Greaves (2)
Mythical Spellsage Boots
Mythical Stormtitan Treads (2)
Mythical Timewarped Walkers
Mythical Venomspine Greaves
Mythical Voidwalker Footpads
Mythical Wraithwalkers
Mythical Wyrmscale Footguards
Stormstep Footguards


Bloodrite Gauntlets
Mythical Bonescavenger's Deathgrips

Mythical Brawler's Gloves
Mythical Doomtouch
Mythical Dreadchill Grasp

Mythical Overlord's Iron Grip
Mythical Purging Touch
Mythical Touch of Command

Mythical Viperfang Grips
The Crimson Claws
Valguur's Touch

Really Great Pants (2)
Formidable Grava'Thul Leggings of Vitality
Feralmane Legplates
Mythical Deathwisper Leggings
Mythical Dread Knight's Legplates

Mythical Eastern Leggings
Mythical Fateweaver Leggings
Mythical Hellforged Plates
Mythical Legplates of Valor
Mythical Mageguard Legguards
Mythical Rune Plates of Ignaffar
Mythical Runeguard Legguards
Mythical Stormcage Legguards (2)
Mythical Templar Leg Armor
Mythical Wildshorn Legguards
Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps
Venomskin Legwraps

To add more later
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kwlam79 kwlam79 is offline
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Hi would like to purchase your Mythical Wildshorn Legguards as well as wildpact emeralds if you happen to have any,
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