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Default Multiplayer Bug?

Every time i try to join my friend as long as we are not in the same area everything works just fine as soon as i go through his portal my game takes for ever to load then close's out i have done everything i can thank of from re-downloading to ports etc not sure what is going on. joining other peoples game and playing with them works just fine
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Have a look at this, see if anything suggested there helps.

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yeah i have tryed that it didnt help sadly. it seems like when ever he is in the same zone is when the disconnect happens. sometimes when i join it just says i have 0 ping tell it desyncs me, and things dont load in sometimes. video drivers are up to date firewall is open for grim dawn etc

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Try to disable the antivirus if you use one, you and your friend
Also try to make new characters and play for like 1-2 hours and then try again, these things helped tbh when had some problems at first
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