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Default Questions about mods

I'm looking for a couple things but I'm not sure if it's possible because I'm kind of surprised I can't find anything like these.

First, a map mod. Something that will auto clear the fog and mark locations on the map, no mater your distance from them. Permanent locations like most caves/dungeons/etc., shrines, npcs. quest locations. Heck having marked possible locations for nemesis's and other random placed locations/npcs would be nice too. I currently use the maphack website, but having something similar in game would be nice.

Next, are there any stash tools (like GDstash) that are actual mods and not external programs? I dunno how I feel about fiddling with items outside the game. Can't item compare without an actual in game mod. Have to transfer everything, compare, then transfer back. Seems fiddly to me.

Last, an in game damage meter. Something I can watch as I shoot at a dummy that will give a breakdown of real, actual dps, where the dps is coming from, percent each ability towards the dps/overall damage; that sort of thing. I'd like to be able to test things, like swap a piece of gear and see how it affects my real dps. How much does that 10% chance on hit item ability proc add to dps etc. Things that aren't going to show on the character sheet.

Thanks for all the help.
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