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When I was a kid, I was playing Civ III with a friend over at his house when he asked me what I thought of Greek Mythology. A good long conversation ensued that ultimately culminated in him showing me vanilla Titan Quest. I fell in love with it at first sight. And so began several years of my life devoted to the title within a small but close friend-group.

Fast forward to 2012-2013(?) when the GD Kickstarter was going on. Me and that friend were playing some Soulvizier when, after that gaming session, he told me that the makers of TQ had apparently started a Kickstarter for a new game following the Iron Lore/THQ collapse. I was indifferent to the matter; I obstinately would not back anything on Kickstarter, as the service was new and rife with scams. Still, I hoped the product would come through. It seemed a neat enough concept.

The next year I needed an RPG fix. My freshman year of college had ended and I was beginning to ween off of a RIFT binge (which, as it happens, I'm now getting back into RIFT at the time of this writing). A Skype call I was in was discussing Grim Dawn's Early Access, which rung a bell for me. The name seemed familiar, so I looked it up on Steam and, remembering that this was that thing from Kickstarter, decided to give it a go. I only had a few days to play it before going on a vacation to Maine, but it took me mere hours to fall in love with the game with the same passion I had had for Titan Quest. I was addicted; so much so that on the road to Maine, I found myself on my phone catching up on all the Grim Misadventures, loving all the transparency and humor put into them. I remember sitting in a Pizza Hut in the middle of nowhere and staring at the ominous door of the Gates of Anguish, a dungeon I had not yet delved into (I believe I had only just killed Cronley). When I got back from the trip, I instantly made my account here on the forums to keep in tune with the goings-on of the game, something I had not done with Titan Quest.

I would lurk for another two months before finally making my introductory post in September, and a few weeks after that, I made my second thread, this time in the Ideas and Feedback section. Guess what the subject was. My feedback, complaints, and arguments would continue into the following years, occasionally striking up some...ahem...more heated discussions with Crate employees. Some people seemed to like what I had to say for whatever reason, and I got a lot of people asking me why I wasn't a playtester at the time. Eventually, Zantai would cave and make the mistake of making me a playtester for the game, for whatever reason. That was just about time for the Crucible testing to begin.

More recently, the 'feedback' I've received for my own involvement in the community has been divisively mixed. Some have told me outright that they missed 'the old me', which presumably was more eager to disagree with and hold my ground against some of Crate's decisions. From my point of view, all that's changed is that Crate has either made it very clear that they won't be changing some things, or Crate is doing things that I don't disagree with, leaving me without cause to question them.

Despite me no longer being so keen to flame the devs, and other than a few 'controversies' on the Grim Dawn discord, other people still seem to pay attention to when I'm blabbering about on the internet. Wish I knew why; it sounds like a great mistake on their part.

I'd say that, for the past 10 months, I've averaged three questions a month about why I'm not a Crate employee. How's that for a can of worms? I'd wager that's about the full extent of my involvement with the game that my "Grim Dawn Story" will reach. When I first started with the game, I had little intention of being a playtester, Discord-moderator, twitch-streamer, or anything else. I just wanted to enjoy a good story, get some cool loot, and kill some dangerous bosses. And, really, that's all I'm after even still.
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Long time ARPG player, dating all the way back to Diablo 1 & 2—I've spent more hours on those games than I dare count.
From singleplayer to multiplayer, softcore to hardcore, self-challenges, private servers, mods: I had exhausted those games.

I played Titan Quest extensively as well, from the earliest retail versions where there were quite some balance issues, but the game was still a lot of fun.
Knowing GD was basically TQ 2, it was a day one purchase and I binged the hell out of it.

You may have noticed I'm not as active on the forums lately, that's because I'd explored most of the builds I'd theorycrafted so I've been playing the game less lately.
I still read the forums daily, I just don't post as much as that takes more time if you're not just writing mindless spam, which I don't. At least I don't think so.

After beating Gladiator 170 with two non-meta builds I was satisfied for the moment, but eventually I always get that itch again after a break and it starts all over again.
The latest Misadventure definitely looks interesting and I'm looking forward to the new content and balance changes.
"They were completely unbalanced—in all the best ways!"
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I think it was back in 2010, I was still playing Titan Quest a little and there was a notice on TQDefiler about Grim Dawn. So I checked out the forum, joined (originally under another handle) in 2011 and have been following the game ever since.

It's been great to follow the game from its infancy (I remember dev polls about what to call Devil's Crossing) through the kickstarter to now.
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Way back, I messed around with the original Diablo and played a decent amount of Necro in Diablo II, no big deal.

It wasn't until Torchlight came out that I realized: "Wait, so I can get wasted.... and click on stuff to level up and accumulate loot??!!". Lol

Shortly thereafter, sometime around 2012, a buddy of mine recommended Titan Quest.... I was immediately impressed by the graphics and dual-class system etc.

I honestly can't remember exactly how I first heard about Grim Dawn. I think it was just clicking on a random link somewhere....

Anyways, I bought into EA back in late 2014 and I've been playing ever since.
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way back in the day, I discovered Diablo
the game immediately appealed to me and I played a lot of it, next to other games of that era
then one day I visited a friend who had just bought D2 and at that moment I had no idea that it had just come out
I was immediately hooked, it looked revolutionary to me compared to the first game
I immediately bought it and from that moment on I played it extensively, for years
when Lord of Destruction came out I also bought it without a second thought
somewhere along the way a friend showed me Titan Quest, which I also bought
I didn't play much of it though as I prefered D2 for its theme and atmosphere
the greek mythology thing never really appealed to me

some years ago D3 was anounced, I was very eager and excited
that is, until I learned about it requiring you to be online all the time and the auction house
I started considering alternatives, and then Torchlight 2 came out
to me that was the game D3 should have been and I started playing it instead of D2
after a while it also came with modding tools, so I started my own mod overhauling the crafting system and adding a lot of new items as well as items that referenced D2 and TL1
this caught the attention of Salan, and he asked me to be a part of the team that was making the Synergies mod, as an item designer
I had a great time doing that, and as some of you may know that mod turned out to be very succesful
interest in the game and mod from the community waned though and other ARPGs appeared on the horizon

I started playing POE very early on, and recommended it to the same friend that recommended TQ to me
I was at the time doing weekly multiplayer sessions with him and together we had made the transition from D2 to TL2
now we started to play POE

I don't exactly remember how I first heard about Grim Dawn, I read about it online or saw it on steam
anyway, I instantly loved it and bought it in early access
at the time it only had one act, which I finished not very long after that
money was tight for my friend though and I couldn't convince him of GD
also because he was a bit shortsighted on the fact that there would be more content coming in the future
he really didn't get the early access idea
for that reason I would be playing more POE because I also wanted to build my characters and it is a good game in its own right

sadly, and nothing to do with the above, friendships come and go
I also started to run into a lot of lag in POE and grew iritated with the economy aspect of the game and having to start over all the time, making gear and progression worthless
I started playing GD a lot more, and nowadays I hardly play anything else
I had lurked on the forum for years but relatively recently I made my introductory post and I now look here daily

strangely, I haven't yet touched the modding tools, there is simply too much in terms of builds and collecting gear I still want to do...
'I see! so the only way forward is deeper...'

- Ulgrim

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