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Just a classic case of I was 11 playing everquest and made up a name and have been using it ever since
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I was lazy and stole our dogs nickname and stuck with it mostly ever since.

Side note: Our dogs real name was Wanka (meaningless generic german name for dog, we have those lot ). So when my mom signed up on ebay with the username wanka.wanka and started buying stuff on ebay.co.uk she got some surprised Responses from sellers.
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I am big fan of Johan Elmander who was the footbal player of Galatasaray SK and ' Ulu ' means ' Great' in Turkish
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Throughout my 20's, I was in a dance crew: Stray Katz.

My dance alias was Horrorshow (from A Clockwork Orange).

(I'm the one wearing the white cap)

I think I first started using LqdHorror when I signed up for Xbox Live....
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I pretty much always pick my names based on something in my field of study (cancer biology). Cereblon is a cool protein.
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Anyone who knows Skyrim knows my username. Also anyone who knows Norse Mythology should know what it is. It just was the easiest one to remember.
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I'm pretty sneaky and i like to talk----Is bubbling a crime for a parrot?

Sneak Attack!
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Because after 1.09 my Nova-Sorc was broken.

Yeah, and my name is Dave.

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when i was younger (about 14 years old) i thought it was cool to change your steam name all the time.
then i growed older and i stopped that and named myself Peet. The "P33t"-spelling was made, because "Peet" was already in use most time.
and i'm from Germany, so my english is not the best
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I love all the different ways people have chosen their usernames. What a variety.
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