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Only 60 hours for me.
Originally Posted by medierra View Post
It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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500 hours. (and more to come)

Not sure what to think about this, except that I feel I already got my moneys worth from this game, considering this game is still in alpha, it is a bit weird.

Good job by Crate!
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I only have a measly 18 hours of playtime for Grim Dawn, but I just hit 35 on my blade master and made it somewhat far into Steps of Torment, I died about halfway through the level that doesn't allow you to create a portal out. I was about level 33 I think, I need to reattempt it.

I'm fairly certain i spent thousands of hours on Diablo2 LOD, fond memories of my 1.08 valor and the first windforce drop i got to see in the cow level... I can't wait for this grim dawn to be completed so i can spend the countless hours item hunting, it feels like the true successor to one of my favorite games
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I have about 600 hours up - how time flies! Some of that is afk time, forgetting the game is open etc

I'm not playing much at the moment and am holding off creating any new chars until Arcanist & act 3 lands, but I do a few farming runs every now and again.
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Very pleased to announce that I have now done more Grim Dawning than Diabloing. Diablo III, that is. Never played much Diablo II and even less Diablo. According to Steam, 193 hours and, according to me, no regrets.
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Over 600 hours now, but taking a long break due to burnout. Currently having way too much fun playing Dishonored. Don't know how I missed that one when it first came out.
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Just grabbed Grim Dawn a week ago and have invested like 22+ hours (over the weekend and 1-2 hours per working today). Having a blast thus far!
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Originally Posted by medierra View Post
We've heard some pretty amazing numbers from people for the number of hours they've played Grim Dawn according to their Steam account. Makes me curious to see what other people are averaging so far. Care to share your time played as listed on Steam?
Steam profile shows about 60 so far in the last month (started with B19). I often leave the game paused, or on the main login screen when doing stuff around the house (cleaning and such), so I'd guess the total is closer to 50.

Great stuff so far! I cant wait for the multi-player build release!!!

- VR
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I'm around 300 hours I believe. I have actually put the game down for a while, not for any reason in particular but I just needed a break after cramming that much time into it. I've been spending my time now play testing and contributing where I can on another indie title.

I suspect in a month or two I will be back to GD and clicking until my fingers bleed lol
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steam says 1407 for me

seems like way more than i remember playing but steam does not lie! a good chunk of that is afk though i have the game up pretty much 24/7 whether i'm playing it or not.
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