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Default Unable to save anything with PSEditor

I am unable to save anything with the Particle System Editor, any attempt to 'save' or 'save as' prompts an error dialogue saying:

Could not open: _____ for saving.
Where "___" is the filepath of the would be save location e.g. "C:\Users\User\Desktop\example.pfx"

I've tried restarting the editor, restarting my computer, saving to different locations or entire drives, made sure nothing is read only, etc. Can't think of any other solution and I can't find this error anywhere on google.
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Originally Posted by WareBare View Post
Well that's embarassing, I could have sworn I skimmed that thread but didn't see anything.

However it won't let me save to my mods own "source" so I had to create "steamapps/common/Grim Dawn/source" which will let me save to it which doesn't quite seem right... but it works so I guess I can just move the files as needed after they are saved.
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