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Ultimate is easy. Almost everything dies easily. I wouldn't try Shar'zul though, probably a bad idea. I have cleared Challenger Crucible with this character, but I haven't tried Gladiator with it yet.

Demon's Breath from Devil-Touched Ammo is used as a trigger for Meteor Shower because it has almost the same cooldown and a 100% activation chance. Wave skills can now go uphill properly so good news! Consider it your Meteor Shower button. Empowered Alazra's Ruby is a major DPS boost over the Peerless Eye of Overratedness. Too bad it doesn't drop when you're max level. Hope you get one while leveling. Righteous Flame is a good second choice. It's all about that additional damage conversion.

It's important to remember if you want to max your Pyromancer's damage is that Fire and Chaos are equally important. Don't ignore one or the other. My Fire Strike is actually about 51% Chaos even though my Fire bonus is bigger. Solael's Witchfire and Possession are big DPS boost for Chaos damage. Consequently, I believe Curse of Frailty is a waste for this build since it does nothing for Chaos damage. Between the Darkflame proc and Eldritch Fire, we have plenty of resistance reduction for the damage types we actually do.
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Updated first post.
Found new boots, tweaked some skills, added video.
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chaos, firestrike, guns, gunslinger, infernal knight

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