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Link updated again, added last passive to the top of the skill tree, its a chance on attack to cast a wave of spikes.
Also done the mastery bar stats now, they will add bonuses to you and pets based on the mastery skills (mainly physical and poison).
Changed the effect on Rage to be the same as the beserkers, mainly as red is hard for me to see, but opinions welcome here.
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I love the idea behind the wolf lord mastery. I'm playing Wolf Lord + Soldier right now and it's pretty fun.
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So I played around a bit, gotta say I'm really liking the first mastery so far, a summoner/melee hybrid in one class and another dual wielding enabler (probably a bit OP but usually mod classes are stronger anyway).

I won't address any UI/text/missing stuff because its clearly alpha and you're probably after some gameplay/balancing feedback, so here are my few cents:

First, probably after this update you did for damage, both Alpha Wolf and the Family Member are extremely overpowered at high levels. I started with 1 point in alpha and the passive, and it did feel like he was mostly a dps boost at level one. But after leveling him to 4 he started clearing mobs really fast, and each level I spent 3 points on him he'd get absurdly stronger. At level 16 he could easily one shot any hero/boss monsters I found. Also, his normal attack (the cleave one) feels really slow comparing to other vanilla pet attacks, but his move speed is really satisfying since he never lags behind, only when he stops to attack and sometimes misses because it takes too long.

Then the family member only pushed this overpowered topic even further. I felt that after leveling him I had basically no need for the alpha wolf. He has better clear speed and his AoE is simply insane (in a good way, if tuned up properly), usually having fights revolve around waiting for it to refresh if theres a screen full of mobs. Only mechanic that felt wonky was his axes, sometimes he will use them while approaching, other he simply won't and even some times he'll use them from close range.

Other than the damage being too high, I really had a great time playing around with it (was around lv 22 after killing warden) and will look forward to any updates you release

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to comment on Rabid Bite. It is really useful for clearing mobs but the pets are really lackluster comparing to Alpha Wolf, and they really don't do anything until rabid bite ends since they keep getting re-spawned constantly whenever a mob dies.

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Hey thanks for the feedback, yeah the rabid wolf has not had his balance changes yet. I do feel the damage is high on the pets, need to balance it better, wanted the skills to feel worthwhile vs screens of monsters which hopefully they do, then adjust damage accordingly. The mod will be screens of monsters, think Diablo 2 modded style, or Diablo 3, where they just run at you and try to overwhlem you with lots of champions thrown in the mix. This may mean champions are overall weaker than vanilla due to you having more ways to deal with them, but are also more plentiful and varied.

I did change the beserker to use his axes from any range and he does have a cooldown on his skills, I can tweak the cooldown and damage so its a bit more even. His problem at the moment is that hes a bit robotic with his skill usage, he will wait X seconds, then throw, then throw 2nd skill, then wait X seconds, then slam. This will be adjusted and become more randomised and cast more frequently, but less damage per use.

The alpha wolf is essentially a tank and a controller (even his rabid wolves to some extent are a meat shield), so the beserker will always be better at clearing. I will update Alpha wolf attack speed, thats a bug I forgot to address. I originally added pure attack speed and it scales silly, but forgot to increase his attack speed percent once I removed the other attack speed, which is a more even scaling.

As a general explanation of my situation at the moment, I did mention I caught a stomach bug, well its got a lot worse and im barely able to eat currently, need to get some medication on Monday. Until then I can't do any more work on the mod, simply not got enough energy with the lack of food and constant pain. I will comment on this thread once im back up to full strength and I can carry on. This could be a week from now. I do also want to play from level 1 to 100 with grimmest and maybe another mod to see how there balancing feels compared to mine, then adjust it initially based on how it appears and fine tune later. Or maybe level to 85 with original grimmarillion. I want the pets in every mastery I make feel relevant up to level 100, but at the same time not make the player itself feel obsolete, sort of like 40% player/60% pets and then later I will add gear that compliments this relationship.

The biggest question is, should I balance Wolf Lord before adding more masteries, and use that as the template, or try and add more content to the mod then run balancing across the board? If I get Wolf Lord evened out it could take a while for other masteries, but a playthrough with him would be possible. If I add more content it will be unbalanced and may not be playable to the end.
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I think finishing out the wolf lord would be the best option. There are a few things I would tone down on it besides the pet damage.

If I remember correctly, one of the passives gives 50% physical resist for 1 passive point. This should probably be lowered significantly or have a higher drawback than -50% fire res and burn duration. Perhaps a -max fire res?

Also, the health and DA passives are too powerful.

I hope you get well soon and I'm excited to see what you come up with!
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Ok I think that will be the best way.

I have an idea for a difficulty mod to go alongside this mastery mod pack. Basically I think grimmest can over do the champions and heroes somewhat, I want there to be a meaning behind them rather than pure champion spam that kick your head in.
What I mean by this is that the classes I make are going to take a lot from other games I have played with regards to the difficulty and playstyles that is not necessarily representative of grim dawn vanilla. This includes things like torchlight synergies mod, diablo 2 mods, diablo 3 rifts, dungeon siege 2 late game, titan quest mods and many many others (im 29 at the moment and been playing rpgs since windows 95 was cool lol).

What this difficulty will entail is a lot of spam trash mobs that can overwhelm you, but are good targets to have some good fun killing, more action based hack and slash. They will have much greater aggression and vision range. This will exist at all levels of the game and there level will be based on the player, so it never becomes completely obsolete. One reason for this decision is farming. Like in path of exile and diablo, there are favorite spots people like to farm, and certain places to obtain various items, this is fun and grim dawn tries to do this, but imo it falls short of some other games that do this. Another big reason is replayability, I think this game seems to force you to reroll new classes as its replayability factor, and thats ok, but I would rather have fun doing things that are fun to me, whether thats farming certain items, or rerunning a certain part of the game just to chill out and de-stress.

Alongside the trash mobs I will also be incorporating packs of champions that are not like bosses as such but are just much more varied in their skills (sort of like diablo 2 affix on mobs). The best way of explaining this is to compare it to diablo 2. So there could be say 20 zombies running at you, in the mix will be say 5 champions who are the same size as the other zombies, but contain skills that are all the same as each other, so it could be 5 cold ones, all with a frost slam, and resistance to cold. These will be visually obvious as to which ones are these champions.

So what you have in this situation is a horde of sorts, they are very aware of your presence and will make that known. There will be these champion packs thrown in the mix, and as you get further in the game and as you get higher in level, these champions will get more complex to deal with. So the same cold zombies I just mentioned may now have a frost nova, frost slam, they may explode on death for cold damage freezing you in place when it does, and may also have an aura that slows you by 50% when you are within 8 yards.

Now this simple mob pack, with simple skills is suddenly a problem you have to deal with, you have to use skills that it is not resistant to, you have to find a way around the slowing and freezing, you have to kite it and not get close when it explodes. This is also not as simple as it sounds, because them 20 zombies you had early in the game, are now 40-50 zombies and are affected by the aura from the champion pack, so they are now resistant to cold also, and they now have a slow on attack, and a small chance to explode on death. You could either find a way to isolate the zombies from the champions to prevent the aura, or you could use an immunity to the slowing and freezing.

This is my initial thinking on the difficulty mod I would like to go alongside this mastery pack anyway. My thoughts are not fully coherent just yet, but I will present this is a better way at a later date.
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To make my previous posts a bit clearer for those who have not been following this mod recently. This mod will try to make pets meaningful by bringing new ways to play with them, the Wolf Lord mastery is the first of many that will try to do this. The pets will be a big part of the playstyle you adopt, not just an extra that is sometimes useful for something.

Alongside this, I am trying to make the game more hack and slash, similar to other rpgs I have played in the past that now feel outdated to me, either due to graphics or me playing them far too much in the past. This was originally just going to contain the grimmest mod as its base, but I think I want to make my own variant.
This includes making the mobs a lot more aggressive and more trash monsters, while also incorporating a type of champion system. This is going to be similar to diablo 2's rare mob packs. They will for all intents and purposes be "normal" mobs (yellow writing), not starred mobs. But they will be redone to be more engaging and challenging, opening up new ways to play the game, while keeping the quests and map the same. This will also contain more farm-able mobs than the vanilla experience, allowing people to get more replay ability out of it.

Once things are more stable I will introduce more items of use that again are more diablo type items, a lot of chance on hits, chance on kills, aura based (to help pets) and a lot more affix that benefit this relationship between the player and pets.

This mod was originally just going to contain some mastery changes to make pets more engaging to play with, but having understood more about modding grim dawn (previously did so in titan quest but never released them), I am more confident I can pull off this mod.

This mod will take heavy inspiration from other games and mods from other games, such as synergies mod from torchlight 2, diablo 2 and various diablo 2 mods, diablo 3 reaper of souls, titan quest legion of champions mod (summoners mod), chronicon and rogue likes that I enjoy on my ipad in my spare time. So if you notice something in this mod that is familiar to you, its probably because it is

I have changed the first post in this thread to reflect my new thinking on this mod, so new people can see the aims of the mod more clearly.

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This looks very promising. Will be looking for you to update a bit further before trying and offering any feedback but will certainly be keeping an eye on this mod.
Hope you get well soon and thank you very much for your hard work.
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Yeah not going to lie, its very early days. Everything I write below will not take away from the masteries im making, I am doing both side by side, so don't worry too much about me forgetting about the masteries while doing this difficulty mod. More info below.

I have decided to remove grimmest for now and start making the difficulty mod myself as I go. I will start by simply increasing spawns across the board similar to other mods like cataclysm and grimmest and grimarillion. This will be simply a global sweep to increase spawns to begin with. Then I will start affecting pools of enemies starting with act 1.

What this difficulty mod will aim to do is duplicate monsters in the game, but with special affix like diablo 2, so you may see a zombie called Zombie - Cold Res. This is exactly what you would expect, a zombie that resists cold.

Another example is Zombie Rare - Strong - Splits
This literally means he is stronger than other zombies (more health and damage) and splits into 3 on death, and is rarer than others therefore drops better loot. I need to experiment with the best way to write the titles, since the race is below the name, may add a space and write them in yellow below the name if thats possible, or just add them to the name like I showed in the examples.

I am going to do it this way as I feel grim dawn does not portray the differences in things sometimes, I mean Cold Ones are obviously cold based, but the exact specialities of monsters is not portrayed in most cases, and it can catch you off guard, or you kill them without evening seeing half their skills, which is a bit lackluster to me. I am certainly open to ideas here, but I will mess around with things next week and see whats possible, it will be simply juggling spawn pools and reorganising them while adding more varieties to the base pools. So the Zombie pool will contain a cold section, that cold section will have varieties of cold zombies that have different mixes of affix, and they become more complex the higher the players level.
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Name:	3rd zombie name test.jpg
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Name:	6th zombie name test.jpg
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I know I post a lot, helps keep me focused on what im doing. Hopefully people read the posts

Anyway the images I showed last time are an example of how things will look in game, I have finally got around to starting the difficulty part (still ill, but managing to eat now).
I have come up with a somewhat simple way of doing things. I have made custom templates for the proxy.dbr and proxypool.dbr, these allow me to make 99 of enemy pools, with 99 enemies in each pool, for each difficulty of the game. So this means I could say this area/quest/trigger spawns enemies from these 5 or even these 50 pools, one of these pools could be common zombies. Now these common zombies can roll with any of the affix I choose, they are a duplication of the same enemy, with the skill affix I select. So there could be 20 different act 1 zombies with chance to be any of them, and randomised each playthrough.

What I mean when I say affix I choose is that I have made a folder which I am calling enemy_affix, this is inside the creatures/enemies folder. This contains all manner of auras/buffs/bio's/skills these are added to the enemies to give the effects, almost like mimicking the diablo 2 affix style.

Think of this like final fantasy skills, in the example shown in this post, there is a skill called Regeneration_1, this is given to all common monsters with the regeneration affix, Regeneration_2 is given to all champions that have this affix. These are equal to their own character levels, some balancing will be needed here to find out good numbers based on what gear I expect the player themselves to own at each level of the game. For the common monster currently its 1hp per second/per level, plus 25% to any hp regen (heals, self regen from monster type etc). This will change as stated, once I find out good numbers, it may be 1hp per level up until level 10, then 2hp etc

What can you expect from this, first is a more skillful game, you would have to approach groups of enemies based on their affix as well as the enemy types, this can create a more tactical gameplay. I will try my best to make auras and buffs obvious like in the picture, but you can mouse over the enemy and its in their name anyway. Also it will make the game feel more procedural, every playthrough should make things different enough.
Champions will contain minimum of 3 affix, so now you can see how random it can become if all goes to plan. There will also be a lot more enemies present on the screen at once, making the game feel more hack and slash.

I have a lot of ideas for various things, some you have seen before, some may feel refreshing.

I will tease a few here:

Split - on death split into 3 (+1 per monster rarity).
Greedy - drops additional Iron.
Treasure Hoarder - drops significantly more items, and better quality items.
Guarded - Has a group of monsters the same type as itself that follow it around.
Bounty - Gives significantly more experience when killed
Look Out - has a huge distress range, that will call other monsters to attack you.
Cumbersome - has 25% less attack speed
reflect - reflects 5% damage, plus 5% per rarity
Angry - has an ability to slam the ground in a rage
Vampiric - heals self on hit, based on its own maximum life
Tough - 50% increased armor and defense rating
Beserk - increased movement and attack speed and distress range

This list is a small number of things I have planned, but thought I would give a better idea of things.

Later on I would like to overall the items in a similar manner, although grim dawn does do this to some extent, I think it can be expanded greatly with regards to passive skills that are on items.

EDIT: Forgot to say this difficulty mod is called DreadedDifficultyMod, it will be both a seperate mod and included in DreadedDawn mod. It is just easier to manage them as 2 seperate mods really, and then copy pasta it over when necessary.
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Name:	affix test regeneration self buff toggle.jpg
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Name:	zombie greed test 3.png
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Name:	zombie self res chaos.jpg
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Name:	zombie self res cold.jpg
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