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Default Rictor's Death

Look I don't mind characters dying, and I can understand making hard choices at times. But why exactly did Rictor die?
As i recall in the entire expac we have an options "(throw him/her into the portal)". How was his situations so different? He was immobilized and near death, I get that much but as I recall we do live in a world of magic and it's not too far fetched to think he might have actually stood a chance.
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It's not entirely unprecedented; we couldn't save Isaac either.
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Or the Rover elder.
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He needs to die to satisfy our loot cravings. If he stayed alive then he might have wanted to keep the one-shot chest for himself instead.

Oh wait, the quest is bugged and he does that anyway.
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Pure drama, imo.

And talking about drama, i can't forget since my first playthrought the feeling when i messed my choices and let that asshole burn his family in that house at act2.

Man, i felt really bad that day...

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Originally Posted by spikenik View Post
Oh wait, the quest is bugged and he does that anyway.
Temporary solution is to open the chest with the Nane's stash note, pick it up but DO NOT READ IT. The quest will still start and now you can get the quest in the next difficulty too. Also, DO NOT COMPLETE IT right then, wait until you have found Rictor and his stash, then go back to Gloomwald and open Nane's stash.

Complicated but now you can do both stash quests in all difficulties.

Or just wait for I guess
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Why did Rictor have to die? Because Vivien is freakin' hot, and she won't be available if Rictor is still alive and showing off all that cool loot that he's about to give us.
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Originally Posted by Rictor
Ughh, I'm dying..., ughh so wounded can't go with you, ughh by the way go to the edge of the map with a dynamite bar so you can find a one-shot chest, I mean ugghhhh I'm dying you have to left me here, uggghh...
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I won't mind but at least give us a "Your a douchebag" archievement for making all the choices with a bad ending.
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