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Originally Posted by temjiu View Post
there are alternatives. My top two builds right now are pyromancer DW gunslinger (My own Vitality build), and a DW melee conjurer bleed hybrid. neither tops the defensive stats like a soldier build, but they do fine in AoM content (mostly due to self heals).

But I do agree (like many others) that AoM is overtuned atm and could use some tweaking. The sheer intensity of damage forces heavy defensive builds, which are easier with soldier. Although to be honest, I'm sort of enjoying trying to find non soldier builds that are more versatile and defensive at the same time. Something that I would like to see though, especially in the constellation tree, is more defensive options outside of the order tree, and more ADCtH options outside of the Chaos tree. That would make diversifying builds far easier.
Once on my Druid I tried stacking Maiven's Sphere and Primal Bond for the hella absord... literally could not tell any difference. Still felt like no defense at all. (so now i'm rebuilding that toon as Tactician)

Soldier has the OPTION for extreme defense, but it's not mandatory. Problem is no other class even has the option for a solid defensive build.
I have many level 100s blah blah.
Current list of Gladiator grads: IT warder, ice tank tactician, 2H WB, lightning druid, lightning pet cabalist, and 2H bleed warder.
WIPs: contagion conjurer, poison conjurer, elemental sorcerer, elemental tank, aether battlemage
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thx alot, keep it comin <3
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