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Softcore :


-Any Deathmarked set piece

-Ultos' Cuirass **

2xRings - Subjugator's or Wanderer's Bloodsworn Signet of The Wild
(May be acceptable if it has high resists or life along with 1 pet affix instead of 2. Pm me here or in steam the stats)

**i give 2 or even 3 items for it


Legendary :

-Boneweave Leggings
-Venomspine Greaves
-Meat Shield
-Wyrmscale Footguards
-Demonbane Legplates
-Death Omen
-Wildblood Crusher
-Boneshatter Treads
-Speaker for the Dead
-Valdun's Rifle
-The adversary
-Markovian's Strategem

Relic Blueprints :

-Bladedancer's Talisman
-Menhir Bastion
-Iskandra's Balance
-Shard of Beronath

Epics :

-Black HAnd of SanarSir
-Blazeguard Arbiter
-Empowered Crushing WIll
- Empowered MIASMA SET :
*Emp Miasma Hood
*Emp Miasma Robes
*Emp Tome of Plagues
-Eastern RObes
-Surcoat of Mogdrogen
-Blessed Cleaver of Mogdrogen
-Sharpshooter Coat
-Sharpshooter Rifle
-Sharopshooter Glass Eye
-Empowered Starfire
-Venomblade Amulet
-Empowered Shard of Menhir (+3 to all max res)

among others...

Steam name : Zorgilon

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JTDSR JTDSR is offline
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I need:

Mark of Anathema

I have:

Too much to list, state your needs.

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Druidictrickster Druidictrickster is offline
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Looking for Ulto's Spaulders Have a bunch of legendaries for trade.

Steam Account: bloodnthundr1989
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Tembita Tembita is offline
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Hello all,

I am looking for some legendaries for softcore. Please let me know if you can help me out (or if you can craft them works too):

Demolitionist (yellow) Ring with +1 Brimstone + Attack Speed
Demolitionist (yellow) Ring +1 Static Strike
Deathmarked set (claw)
Belgothian’s Carnage
Legs - Wildshorn Legguards
Waist - (Green belt with "Subjugator's" Prefix and "of the Wild" Suffix)
Ring - Subjugator's Bloodsword Signet of The Wild (Rare drop from cultists)

What I own:

Ultos Gem // Beastcaller Shoulders // Sovereign Ruby of Domination // Spark of Ultos // Beastcaller Shroud
Necromancer Deathgrips // Beastcaller Talisman // Black Scourge // Warpfire
Clarvoyant’s Wand // Blade Breaker Sash // Clarvoyant’s Robe // Entropic Coil
Shadowflame Mantle // Tome of Arcane Wastes // Crystallum
Ortus // Heart of the Mountain // Phantom-Thread Girdle //
Mindwrap // Sash of the Immortal Sage // Arcane Harmony Legs // Crescent Moon
Wildblood Crusher // Witching Hour // Demonslayer’s Jacket
Deviltongue // Soulbearer // The Adversary
Invoker's Blaze // Screams of the Aether // Golemborn Greaves
Infernal Brimstone // Crimson Spike // Consumption of Agrivix
Wildblood Mantle // Will of the Living // Barrelsmith’s Crossfire
Speaker for the Dead // The Guilottine // Silverbolt
Iceskorn Talons // Stonefist Rebuke // Wraithwalkers
Boneshatter Treads // Havoc // Dawnbreakers Sledge // Quillthrower of Dreeg
Blood Orb of Ch’thon // Codex of Lies // Hellborne // Fiendscale Jacket
Grim Fate // Voidwalker Footpads // Titans Pauldrons
Vestments of the Great Guardian // Soulbearer // Boneweave Leggings
Dread Armor of Azragor // Fiend's Resolve // Signet of the Fallen
Wyrmscale Footguards // Windshear Greaves // Chestguard of Justice
Boneweave Girdle //

Lots of Empowered Epics - please name what you need (Crown of Command, etc.)
Normal Epic: Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh // Shadowspark Hood // Wildspeake Coat

Blueprint for Siegebreaker // Damnation // Beastcaller's Cowl // Pestilence of Dreeg
Blueprint for Solael’s Domination

I can also craft:
Relics: Mistborn Talisman, Bladedancer's Talisman, Blight, Death Chill, Fortress, Haunt, Juggernaut, Marauder's Talisman, Sacrifice, Savage, Scourge, Slaughter, Squall, Torment, Nemesis, Bysmiel Domination, Reckoning, Primal Instinct, Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm
Badge of Mastery

Markovian's Visor // Abyssal mask // Basilisk Claw // Damnation
Tinker's Ingenuity // Iskandra’s Hood
Deathmarked Hood // Voidmancer Cord // Ulzuin Torment // Clarvoyant’s Hat
Beastcaller’s Cowl // Pestilence of Dreeg // Leviathan // Eye of Dominion
Spellbreaker Waistguard // Olexra’s Chill // Maw of Despair // Ultos Hood
Mark of Divinity // Essence of the Grim Dawn // Beronath Reforged // Codex of Eternal Storms
Reforged Chains of Oleron // Siegebreaker // Trozan’s Hat // Demonslayer’s Hat
Herald of Blazing Ends // Herald of the Apocalypse // Arcansum Sigillis // Whisperer of Secrets

Empowered Plaguemancer's Amulet // Empowered Essence of Beronath
Shard of Beronath

Many thanks in advance if you can help me out.
PM me or add me on Steam: vic_jude

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derMichl derMichl is offline
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1x Deathmarked Claw
1x Deathmarked Shoulderguard


Witching Hour
The Adversary
Barrelsmith's Crossfire

Quillthrower of Dreeg
Harbinger of Eternal Suffering

Infernal Brimstone
Obsidian Juggernaut
Stonefist Rebuke

Beacon of the Winter's Veil
Grim Fate
Shard of Asterkarn
Dawnbreaker's Sledge
Butcher of Burrwitch
Death Omen
Black Scourge

Aldanar's Vanity
Fiend's Resolve
Skull of Gull'Amash
Tome of the Arcane Wastes
Tome of Names

The Untouchable
Zolhan's Revange
Dawnbreaker's Duty
Meat Shield
Skybreach Bulwark

Dread Armor of Azragor
Beastcaller's Shroud
Chestguard of Justice
Fiendmaster Raiment
Fiendscale Jacket
Vestments of the Great Guardian

Arcane Harmony Leggins
Demonbone Legplates
Boneweave Leggins
Deathwhisper Leggins
Thronhide Legguards

Dawnbreaker's Shoulderguard
Markovian's Vanguard
Wildblood Mantle

Iceskorn Talons
Voidsteel Gauntlets
Touch of the Everliving Grove
Wyrmbone Handguards
Viperfang Grips

Wyrmscale Footguards
Boneshatter Treats
Golemborn Greaves
Voidwalker Footpads

Guthook Belt
Hammerfall Gridle
Tinker's Ingenuity
Sash of the Bloodlord
Wildblood Gridle
Ulzuin's Torment

Band of the Eternal Haunt
Invoker's Shocking Touch
Time-flux Band
Open Hand of Mercy


If interested PM me. Ty.

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Scryed Scryed is offline
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Looking for Demolitionist's ring with +1 static strike of rifthound and Demolitionist's ring with +1 brimstone with IAS. Either yellow or green. Have a fair amount of Legendaries i can trade for them.
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FriedTofu FriedTofu is offline
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Looking for:
Deathmarked Hood blueprint
Clairvoyant Hat blueprint
Deathmark Claw
Golemborne Greaves
Ulzuin's Shoulderguards

Desolation Relic Blueprint

I have:
Clairvoyant Mantle
Ulto's Stormseeker
Bloodfury Spaulders
Tome of Names
Tome of Arcane Waste
Nightshade's Reach
Ring of the Black Matriarch
Demonbone Legplates x2
Exonerator x2
Meat Shield
The Adversary
Wyrmscale Footguards
Quillthrower of Dreeg
Beacon of Winter's Veil
Thorn Girdle of the Misty Glade
Temporal Arcblade

Notable Empowered Epics:
Empowered Essence of Beronath
Empowered Legplates of Valor
Empowered Hermit's Legguards

Shadowspark Hood

More just ask..

Can Craft: Your Mats

Mythical Relics:
Iskandra's Balance
Olereon's Wrath
Plunderer's Talisman
Primal Instinct
Solael's Decimation
Ulzuin's Pyroclasm

Empowered Omen
Empowered Chthonian Thread Sash
Empowered Essence of Beronath
Empowered Plaguemancer's Amulet
Empowered Tempest Sigil

Dread-Mask of Gurgoth
Iskandra's Hood

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steve2563 steve2563 is offline
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Looking for:
Beastcaller's Shoulderpads
Beastcaller's Talisman
Wildshorn Legguards

Empowered Black Grimoire of Og'Napesh

Vestments of the Great Guardian
Earthshatter Treads
Deathdealer's Sidearm
Stormtitan Treads
Boneweave Girdle
Fiend's Resolve
Will of the Living
Witching Hour
Deathwhisper Leggings
Ring of the Black Matriarch x2

Wildspeaker Coat

Drop me a PM here, or add on steam:

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Uban Uban is offline
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Default Trade of Goods


I am Looking for:
Lifegiver Signet -2x

My offer
DawnBreakers Sledge
Fiends Resolve
Ulzuins Flamespreader
Touch of The Everliving Grove
DawnBreakers Duty
Earthshatter Treads
Butcher of Burrwitch
Speaker of The Dead
Quillthrower od Dreeg
Sigil Of The Bear King
Stormcage Legguards
Speaker fot The Dead
Golemborn Greaves
Iskandras Texts
Harbinger of Eternal Suffering
Sash of The Immortal Sage
Barrelsmiths Salvo
Invokers Blaze
Time-Flux Band
Barrelsmiths Crossfire
Fiendmaster Raiment
Chestguard of Justice
Shouderguards of Justice
Hellforged Legplates
Fateweavers Leggings
Hammerfall Girdle
Dawnbreakers Sledge
Spark of Ultos
Invokers Shard

Badge of Mastery
Codex of Eternal Storms
Abyssal Mask
Markovians Visor
Mask of Infernal Truth
Maw of Despair
Trozans Hat
+ Mythical relic


My offer

Fiends Resolve
The Final Stop
Speaker for The Dead
Wyrmscale Deathgrips
Touch of The Everliving Glore
Mantle of Mogdrogen
Ultos Spauldrs
Wildblood Mantle
Beneweave Leggings
Clairvoyants Wand
Crescent Moon
Obsidian Juggernaut
Bane of The Winter King
Sash of The Bloodlord
Voidmancers Cord
Boneweave Girdle
Girdle of Stolen Dreams
Tinkers Ingenuity
Ring of The Black Matriarch
Time-Flux Band
SpellBreaker WaistGuard

PM or Steam - http://steamcommunity.com/id/UbanCZ/
Any item / strong ring for Conjured - Pets
Updated daily, fast delivery 100% trade

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Ninjakillzu Ninjakillzu is offline
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Ulzuin Set (Heart, Chestguard, Headguard) *
Fang of Ch'thon


I have:

Death Omen x2
Meat Shield
Invoker's Blaze x2
Consumption of Agrivix
Wildblood Girdle
Skyreach Bulwark
Barrelsmith's Salvo
Tome of Names
The Guillotine
Dread Armor of Azragor
Crescent Moon x2
Viperfang Grips
Demonslayer's Jacket
Butcher of Burrwitch
Golemborn Greaves
Will of Bysmiel
Earthshatter Treads
Touch of the Everliving Grove
Demonslayer's Jacket
Guthook Belt
Boneweave Girdle
Valdun's Rifle
Crimson Spike
Heart of the Mountain
Deathbound Amethyst
Colossal Grasp
Wyrmscale Footguards NEW
Sigil of the Bear King NEW
Harbinger's Grasp x3 NEW
Nidalla's Legwraps NEW
The Final Stop NEW
Boneweave Leggings NEW
Silverbolt NEW
Sash of the Immortal Sage NEW
Chestguard of Justice NEW

Others I have but may not trade yet:

Mark of the Anathema
Wraithborne Legwraps

Legendaries I can make (if you provide the materials):

Iskandra's Hood
Markovian's Visor
Whisperer of Secrets
Ulzuin's Torment
Beastcaller's Hood
Dread Mask of Gurgoth
Tinker's Ingenuity
Badge of Mastery

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