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Default Instant Crash Entering Game World

Hello, since the hotfix i have not been able to play Grim Dawn. The game starts up fine, character select screen is fine, but as soon as i enter the game world i get the nastiest crash possible. My screen turns a solid color (different each time) and completely locks up my PC to where i have to hard reset it. I have tried TONS of different things to troubleshoot this and i cannot fix it. This occurs on both 32bit and 64bit versions of the game. I can't even send a crash report because my PC completely locks up.

My original setup when the hotfix went live was as follows :

Windows 7 64bit (all updates)
GeForce 980ti with 419.35 (newest) drivers

I have changed to...

Windows 10 64bit (all updates)
GeForce 980ti with 419.35 (newest) drivers

Still the exact same thing. I also tried reverting back to a much older driver (397.93) using DDU to clean the drivers out, and still have the crash.

I have tried uninstalling GD on Steam and reinstalling it. Same problem...

This is incredibly irritating. I have never ever had an issue with GD and i have been playing since the day it launched in Early Access with 3000+ hours played. I have attached my DxDiag. I had to zip it because of the size limit on .txt files. Thanks for any help!!!
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F*ck, that sounds like textbook graphics card failure, have you tried with any other games, namely dx11 ones? Since I assume you haven't force dx9 mode via launch flag commands in steam/gog. Good news though, similar fun can occur when the power supply unit isn't providing enough voltage, so fingers crossed it's that if a hardware issue.

Note - I'm due to drop flowers off at the official temp memorial site here in Christchurch today so I might not be able to get back to you today NZ time. Since I'm probably going to be a complete mess later on. Edit - make that tomorrow, so I can help today, though will likely be clocking some catharsis time in Wolfenstein: The New Order, so will be tardy in replying.

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I've had a graphics card die on me a few years ago, same symptoms.
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Oh crap....The_Mess, i think you are right. I didn't even think of a hardware failure because 1) I was playing the game fine all day with the patch and then the morning that the hotfix went live is when i instantly couldn't play anymore and 2) I was playing TQ just fine while i couldn't play GD.

Your post made me try out a more graphic intensive game and i loaded up Killing Floor 2 and insta-crashed upon entering the game.

Now for the real question....is it the video card (god i hope not) or the PSU? If it was the video card, wouldn't i be having issues doing other things? Since i was playing TQ fine, i wouldn't think it's the video card. Seems like it crashes when being taxed heavily. I have absolutely no problems doing normal everyday PC things. What do you think?
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