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Default possible input bug

I have noticed a possible input bug. If a skill slot is mapped to mouse wheel up/down and then activated with mouse wheel up/down while the mouse cursor is over an item label on the ground, then the skill will not activate. Possibly having to do the the mouse wheel scrolling item tooltips. Note that activating the same slot with a second key bind like the 0-9 keys will work as expected in this case.

I know this may be an edge case, but I do like to slot non targeted buffs on the mouse wheel so I don't have to reach over to the 9 and 0 keys. From a players perspective I think it would work ok if the mouse wheel did both functions in that scenario.

Thanks for the great game.

Edit: A similar issue used to happen when the cursor was over an untraversable portion of the map, but I think that has been fixed, possible with the semi-recent major control changes.

Edit2: This issue also seems to happen when in a dialogue.

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