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Old 08-03-2011, 08:18 PM
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Default Arthur Bruno, I disagree!

I just read the new RPS story on Crate and just felt I needed to respond to Arthur Bruno's comments about Titan Quest and his perceived short comings of the game. This is not a personal attack on Mr. Bruno, just wanted a catchy title, place it in the Rants section and give my own thoughts on Titan Quest.

"One of the biggest things I would have liked to improve was the general presentation and feel of the game. God of War’s dark and edgy feel was a much sexier way to sell mythology to people. You can see our obvious attempt to course correct as much as we were allowed to in the difference between the Titan Quest and Immortal Throne box art and the atmosphere of the games overall. The atmosphere of the original game was seriously lacking a sense of dread and mystery. It was just sort of like “Oh hai! Welcome to ancient Greece, btw there are some monsters around.”

As a long time TQ fan, who has played many classes, logged hundreds of hours of playtime, still have the original demo disc I got from visiting the cool E3 booth they had where I meet Brian Sullivan and the rest of the crew telling them I've been following the game for quite some time, and who still plays to this day and will into the future I take issue with this view. The classical setting of Greece, Egypt and Far East in TQ is exactly what drew me to the game. The environments felt like Greece, rocky, brightly lit, wheat fields, beaches, etc. Egypt like Egypt, sand, Nile river, and Asia like Asia, lush, green, paddies, etc.

The God of War example just wouldn't have made the game unique. In my mind, it would have placed TQ in a cluttered almost same looking genre. Mr. Bruno might say it would make the game sell better and that's what he's there to do. However, it seems like every RPG both young and old has a darker feel which I surmise when your battling monsters this is what developers assume what RPG fans want. Perhaps it's that the Diablo series which has been and into the future will be the standards for RPG's. I love the Diablo series as I do TQ but for different reasons. For one, TQ has a different feel, presentation and look.

The look and setting of Grim Dawn fits in with the time and storyline. I don't believe Titan Quest would have benefitted any more in sales from toning down the environments. In fact, TQ has plenty of areas which a player could consider a darker more moody environment and with the day and night cycle the player has both. I guess what I'm ranting about is that the look of the game was not a detriment and in fact added to the feel of the game.

I have reasons on why the game wasn't an even better success but one that I'll state is that many of the initial reviewers never seemed to have actually played the game! One of the bigger sites I remember the reviewer stating that the game needed a way to get back into town! It's difficult to get positive press when the critic watches only half the movie!

"Another big issue with Titan Quest was the feel and pacing of combat. One of the most frequent complaints I’ve seen about Titan Quest was that people felt like combat was slow and attacks had no real sense of power or impact. A lot of this stems from a lack of satisfying combat effects, hit reactions and death effects."

I'll disagree on the hit reactions and death effects. Yes, the game is not the Diablo series where bodies explode and dismember, but the hit reactions had power and some of the most memorable death effects with monsters flying thru the air with ragdoll effects really stand out in the RPG genre.

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