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Default Passive/No attack, just stand/run build

Hey folks,

Tried to do a little searching, but didn't find much on the forum, but what kind of route would you go for a passive build? Trying to beat HC veteran (first difficulty for now) with a passive build. My rules for now are that the character doesn't make any offensive movements, so he/she must just stand or run while destroying enemies with skills such as vindictive flame/ulzuins wrath.

As of right now, I defeated The Warden and my build looks like this:


Survivability is good thanks to Menhir's Will and the devotion skill as well as timing potions right, especially on bosses.

Gear wise; I'm trying to stack retaliation as much as possible for now, just mixing that with health regen, +vit and resistances.

Not sure what I can do to make this build more efficient. The skills are doing great, but not sure how much the retaliation is actually contributing right now. I have about 138 pierce retal. + 18% modifier along with some fire retal.

Any ideas are appreciated. I'm sure there's a build somewhere, but I couldn't find it. Cheers!
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[] Burning Commando - Relaxed and Effective HC Gladiator Farming

This build here is probably the one you are looking for, gameplay is passive enough for me!!
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Ignore skills like vindictive flame imo. Go for retaliation warder. Youll need to just run past most ranged enemies though. Once you get a few of the 55 pierce / %ret pieces and a retaliation constellation or twp youll be doing fine. Not sure how youd do up till warden though (youd need a dew pieces gear + first ret constellation + an aug or two before it really takes off.)
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